Why Show Our Ads On Your Website As A Publisher?


Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!


I don’t know if you Know  what CPC Mean,,,,

I will Tell you a little about viralnugget


What are CPC Ads?

CPC Ads are banner and text ads at a Cost Per Click (CPC). advertisers only pay when your ad is actually clicked on by a legitimate person.    I will put some ADS on so you can see what they look  ====>>like before you make your mind up


For Publishers…
If you have a website where you can place an ad block, on your webaite then you can earn money as well free ad impressions! ,,viralnugget ad blocks come in all sizes to fit any webite


and you can  display text ads, or image ads ! Place the Ad  Code on your website and you will earn 70% revenue share.  when an advertiser spends 10 cents for a click  from your website, you get 7 cents!  try not to create fraudulent clicks that mean don’t click on your own ad on your website – we will detect it and you will get ban


Because you can  Earn 40% commissions from

referral upgrades! YOU  Get Free Traffic forever!

For Advertisers…

You can reach people who are using Viral Nugget are users who are looking for home business opportunities,  or other marketing  tools. Like advertising. and to put there AD in frount of more  people



What are Email Ads?

Email Ads are email messages that you can sent to thousands of our users who have OP in to receive your offers. To do this you get mailing credits or send email ads for free by being an upgraded user here at Viral Nugget. As a member of Viral Nugget you also have the option to receive email ads from advertisers.and you get free mailing credits and ad impressions just  For reading them.


What are Login Ads?

you can put a Login ads to display to  users for when they login. If they stay on the AD long enough, they get a free credits to use  for mailing , login credits, or for ad impressions. You can purchase  ads credits if you like.


Level 1 (your own ad blocks): 125 Ad Impressions per click
Level 2 (your direct referral ad blocks): 50 Ad Impressions per click
Level 3, 4, and 5: 25 Ad Impressions per click


Don’t forget you also earn 40% recurring commissions when your direct referrals upgrade to any membership, so promoting Viral Nugget is really rewarding!



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It’s time to start building your own business. It’s time to start building your own system In fact, build your own list