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Network Marketing In 6 Easy Steps


Network Marketing – How to Get Started In 6 Easy Steps




Network marketing is an easy to start online business.

It is really easy to start but requires the hard work to become successful. In this article you will learn the six basic steps that are required to enter in this business.


The steps are brief and quite simple.

You must follow these steps in order to become successful otherwise you would not get the desired results.


1. Pick a Market

Why to choose a market instead of product? The reason is quite clear that you would like to put more products in your pipeline. You have to choose a market which suits you. You must obtain detailed information about it.



2. Pick a Product

When you have picked a specific market, now it is time to select a product. You will definitely want to add all the products at the beginning, but it is advised not to do this in the start. If you choose more products in the beginning, you will not be able to focus.


Your attention will be diverted to different products.

So it is better to choose one product to get best out of it. When you have started getting the sales then you can add more products.


3. Build an Autoresponder Series

After you start your business, you must create a follow up series, which is also called an autoresponder series. This series must have the information about your product.


There you can add contents of your product.

If you are selling golf clubs, you can build a series having some basic information about it.


There you can tell your visitors how they can purchase golf clubs.

You can also add some advantages or the profiles of some major golfers in the world. You should try to be more and more creative.


It is observed that during the period of first few months affiliates do not get reasonable sales. But after six months, they expect to gain 3 ways to Maintaining a Successful Blog


4. Build a Page to Capture Emails

Create a page in your website where you will capture information about your prospects so you can send them your follow-up series. If you are building a business, having your own web site is a necessity.


This website will be needed to show your affiliate products to the website visitors. You will grab the visitor’s emails to promote your email campaigns.


Laura Geller



5. Use Traffic Generation Techniques

Once your website is up, use some traffic generation techniques. After applying the traffic generation techniques,

you should wait for some time to get the results.

Try different techniques and see the results. Then on the basis of your experience, continue with the technique that shows best results.



6. Find additional related products

Once you have started to make a good and reliable income with a single product, then you should add some new products to your products list. But you must carefully select new products to put them in the list.



Always start with a single,

hot and demanding product to gain good results. Concentrate on this single product, make your website to display the product and capture the email addresses of visitors.


Use these email addresses and your website to start a powerful advertisement campaign.



Use the techniques to drive maximum traffic to your website. Once you have started earning with a single product, add more products and repeat the process.




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Marketing your web site – Part 3

Marketing your web site

– Part 3



Marketing your web site – Part 3 – Using Email, e-books, letterhead and magazines


This is part 3 of our series on Marketing your web site. As with parts 1 and 2 we are focusing on inexpensive methods to market your web sites.

This part of the article series will deal with using Email, E-books, letterhead and magazines.


Part 1 was on using articles, affiliates, auctions and auto responders and Part 2 covered banner and classified ads.


Using Email to market your web site

This is a very touchy subject. One that needs to be addressed and that you need to understand. Email marketing falls into three categories. First is simple,


place a signature line in your email program that automatically adds your signature block to each out going email. This signature line identifies your web site and a brief tag line or catch phase.


Every time you respond or send an email, your signature advertises your business. No problems with that. However, the next two types of email marketing are very touchy.


By now, everyone has heard of SPAM.

Your definition may be different from mine and from the governments. However, you look at it, SPAM is unwanted email.

Now email marketing requires that we send emails to our potential customers. This can be done either with or without their permission.



Sending email without the permission of the recipient put us in a bad light. Often resulting is negative feelings and responses from the recipient. This is bad for business. If you piss off the potential customer,


well…. they are no longer a potential customer as they have deleted you email and won’t be visiting your site. You have wasted valuable time and money. So,


the only people you will be sending any marketing emails to will be those that have requested information from you or have agreed to receive information from you.


This is called permission based email.

Where can you find people who are willing to receive your emails? First provide a place on your web site to gather the names and addresses of your visitors.

Offer them something in exchange, such as a free publication, or your newsletter, or


something else of potential value to them.

Let them know when they sign up that you will from time to time be sending them information. Include in the email a means to unsubscribe at any time.

As people sign up you are building your email list which you can market to as often as you like.


Laura Geller


I wouldn’t recommend more than twice a month.

There are other web sites that maintain a list of people who want to hear from your. This permission based method is usually based on a particular subject matter. Such as hobbies, business ideas, child care etc.


You can find them on the web by searching for mailing list.


Emails are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. If you have a brick and motor store, try to get the email addresses of your current customers and add them to the list as well.


You will be surprised at how much extra business can come from a personalize email about a special you are offering for their support over the last year etc.


Using E-books to market your web site

What can your own E-zine or E-book do for your business or web site? How about:


Sell more products or services. An e-zine/e-book can increase your credibility, making it easier to sell your product or service as well as those of others in which you have a stake.


Attract more affiliates to help sell your products or services.

This form of advertising is viral in it approach. E-zines and e-books get passed from person to person. Creating more interest which makes people want to jump on board and become part of that success.




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Marketing your web site – Part 2

Marketing your web

site – Part 2


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work from home


Configure your HPE server to your EXACT specification


Marketing your web site – Part 2 – Using banners ad and classified ads

This is the second part of Marketing your web site. In the first part we covered using Articles, Affiliates, Auctions and Auto Responders. In this part we will look at using banner ads and classified ads, both on line and off line. As with the first article, we are looking for ways to market the web site with the minimum of cost.


Using Banners to market your web site

Banner advertising is on just about every web site you visit today. Banners are a form of advertising. This advertising is used to help pay for the site and help make the owner money.


Regardless of the type of business or web site you have, you can use banners to help increase your income. The advertising revenue generated from banners falls into 3 groups: Pay Per Impression (PPI), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Pay Per Sale/Lead (PPS).


Laura Geller



Pay Per Impression

Because  with PPI banner advertising you are paid each time your advertiser’s banner is shown on your web pages. A term CPM is often used with banner advertising. It means cost per thousand,


Basically means you will be paid $x.xx for every 1000 banners displayed to the visitors of your web site This is the easiest method to earn money with as every time someone visits your web site you get paid. However,


However   this  is not used very much and is very easily abused. If you have a 1000 visitors per day and are paid $5 per thousand then you make $150 per month.


As an advertiser you do NOT want to use PPI. It would be like paying the newspaper or phone company money every time they said someone opened the newspaper or phone book.


Pay Per Click

With PPC banner, you are paid more than with PPI but only when the visitor actually clicks on the banner rather then just seeing it. With PPI you many be paid $5.00 CPM (per thousand) and with PPC you could be paid $5 per click. However,


not as many will click on the banner. Banner design has a lot to do with what we call the conversion rate. That is basically how effective is the banner.



Conversion rates for banners is usually less than 1%. A very good banner may have a 5% conversion rate. Remember that is a passive income stream. It is working around the clock and requires no work on your part.


Therefore, if you have 1000 people a day coming to your web site and you have a 1% conversion rate with a payment of 50 cents per click, you could be earning $150 a month just for having the banner there.


Also  As an advertiser this is a little better than PPI. At least now the visitor is on your web site and you have a chance to gather information about them and possibly sell them your product or service.


Pay Per Sale/Lead

PPS banner advertising using pays the highest dollars of these three methods, but only generates income when the advertiser makes a sale to someone visiting from your web site It will have the lowest conversion rate of the three.


For example  

PPS banners only work well for the web site owner if the advertiser does a good job with the banner design (creating a desire to click), selling (presenting information), and closing (getting the sale).


However  none of these do you control directly. Selecting PPS advertisers for your site should be well thought out. As an advertiser, this is the preferred type of banner advertising.

Where to find advertisers

I think the best place to find people that want to place banner ads on your site will be the affiliate programs. This is also a good place for you to advertise that you would like to place banners on others sites as well.


Read the pages carefully. Banners can be expensive if you don’t generate any sales.

If you have friends or business associates that you do business with you can ask them if they would like to place a banner on your site or if you could place a banner on theirs. These exchanges become more and more popular as your site becomes more popular as well.


For instance  a new source for banner ads are from the major search engines. Google Adwords are probably the best known new source for advertising on a pay per basis.


For example  this works both ways.

You can pay to have your ad/banner placed on others sites as well as have other web site ads placed on your site. When your ad is displayed and someone clicks on it they will visit your site and you pay Google for the visit.


When you allow Google to place ads on your site and someone clicks the ad, you get paid.In the resource section of you will find more information on using banners to market your website.


Using Classified Ads to market your web site

Classified ads are just like in the newspaper. They are small detailed ads that offer your product or services and provides a contact (your email or web site).


A quick search on Yahoo for classified ads will find over 58,000,000 entries for sites and people who will either sell or place your classified ads on their web sites.


Classified ad sites fall into two categories: Free and Paid.



Free sites should be avoided.

BE CAREFUL… most free classified ad web sites. are farming your email address to sell to others. You will find you email box loaded with tons of offers and once it starts it will never stop.

Paid classified web sites,

however, can be like having a store in the world’s largest shopping mall for pennies a day in rent.One of the largest classified ads web sites is…eBay.


Think about this. For about 30 cents an ad (item to sell) you get listed for one week where over 1 million people a day come to shop. I have more information on eBay and other auction sites under Web Basics.


There are other forms of advertising as well.

One of which we discussed before was newsletters. Others include, your email signature, banner ads, ebooks and affiliates. Each are discussed here. Click on the Marketing Resources to review each form of advertising.


Because this is part one of a multi-part series of Marketing your web site.


for the rest of the series.

In the next section we will cover marketing you web site using email, e-books, letterhead and magazines. More information on marketing, website design and other areas of Internet Business can be found at in our resources area.


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