The Power of Humor




 Humor is much more powerful than most men would think. It is among the most powerful “dating weapons” when it comes to attracting women. This article explains to you why “making women laugh and fall in love” is a science.


What can you do with humor?

Sure you can have fun with it—or else why do people pay for the comedy shows and those comedy channels? You can also use it reduce tension, find a great bargain, keep your children in their seats…you name it. There are a thousand and one use of humor, but it leads to an ultimate goal—laughter.



Laughter is powerful, and much more powerful than most people think.

You can make women laugh and fall in love with you.

That sounds like a pretty bold claim doesn’t it? Let me explain.



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Human beings have an obsessive desire to remain consistent. It is physically impossible to dislike the person who has already made you genuinely laugh, as you can’t resolve the conflicts and incongruity between laughter (liking someone) and disliking someone.


In other words, women tend to get closer to a guy who has consistently made them laugh!

This not only occur at a logical level (“oh, being with him gives me so much joy and I want more”), but also at a subconscious level (maintaining consistency). Once you were made laugh by someone, it will be very inconsistent if you still maintain an antagonistic attitude towards that person.


Therefore, I use laughter to make women fall in love with me. The more women I could make laugh, the better get. You see, love is derived from the feeling of happiness and happiness is directly associated with laughter.


I’m sure in your entire life so far, you have made many, many, many women laugh, and sometimes you can get pretty good at it—sometimes with a particular woman or under some particular circumstances.


Sure, all of us can crack a joke or two.

Sometimes we can be quite funny for a whole night… Can we all do it time after time, night after night? Do we all know the secrets that will make humor a natural part of you so that it’s effortless to be humorous and charming?


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Maybe not.

Some guys talk about the “art” of making women laugh.

Sure, they can call themselves “artists” as they like, but the problem is… once something becomes an art, you won’t have rules to rely on and you can’t measure the results. Making women laugh suddenly becomes an uncertain event.


But the fact is…Making women laugh is a science.

The fact is… human beings’ reactions to different types of “humor stimuli” are predictable.


And there are tested-and-proven methods to match a humorous line and a subject’s education, personality, and cultural to create laughter.


Any man, regardless of looks, intelligence, education, personality, can learn the mechanism of humor and laughter and develop his own style of humor.



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