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The use of forum posting to gain traffic and improve sales is a much neglected part of online marketing.

There is a spectacular growth in the establishment of forum boards and blogs today,


and the interactivity the boards and blogs provide form a good base from which to conduct forum marketing activities.

Posting to forums gives you publicity,

and a chance to gain targeted leads to your website. The author describes how this can be done.


Posting on forums gives you publicity

Do you need more traffic to your web site, and more sales? If you do, then you need to consider an often neglected side of web site promotion which is called forum marketing.

Most web sites make use of forums to provide the element of response from user to owner and vice versa.


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These forums take many forms,

and include the standard forums, discussion boards, bulletin boards and currently blogs where the visitors to the web site can leave their comments on the site.


Marketing has always revolved around relationships.

The basic element of relationship from the aspect of online marketing is to weave an element of trust between the potential purchaser and the vendor or web site owner.


web sites make use of forums

Once there is this element of trust, even the tiniest bond that has been sown between the potential buyer and seller It becomes easier for the potential buyer to take a further step to buy the product.



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That is why many marketers are establishing forum boards

and blogs to interact with clients and to provide support and to answer queries These forum boards provide a fertile ground for you to test out forum marketing for your products.


You need to compile a list of the discussion boards and blogs that are related to your product or service line that you are going to market. Then on a daily basis, visit these forums to read their postings.


You Should visited forum,

These forums are the best sites where newbies to internet marketing would congregate to seek free resources, or request information or advice from more experienced forumers.


When you see a post where you can respond, make a brief informative post,

and more importantly make sure you leave a reference to your web site in your signature line. This confers on you two advantages.


Firstly, you gain a back link to your site when you leave your website address in a much visited forum, and secondly, forumers who read your post will tend to visit your web site by following the link in your post.


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Buyer need to See your  Ads least 3 to 5


Some internet marketers channel all their visitors to a squeeze page and not to a sales website directly.

This squeeze page is a sign up page where you get the email address of the visitor in return for a free download of a ebook or report or software.



By using this squeeze page, you gain targeted leads.

Statistics show a potential buyer would need to be exposed at least 3 to 5 times before he becomes interested to take the next step to purchase anything from you.


By getting his email, you can email him on a regular schedule or use an autoresponder to channel your marketing message across.



The most important part of forum marketing is to identify a group of marketing forums and blogs related to your product or services that you are selling, from which you can then launch off.



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Once you have the list of forums and discussion boards,

It becomes a daily affair to spend enough time to visit these forums and to post to them. Beware though, forum reading can be addictive,


and you can be spending a whole lot of time on reading and posting to forums.



Track your leads,

and as you continue to do your forum posting daily, you will see a steady increase in your web site traffic and your sales.




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