Adsense – Maximising Your Income In The Holidays


 Have you noticed around the American bank holidays, like July 4th & Thanksgiving, your Adsense income takes a nosedive? Do you wonder how you can make the most of these holidays and actually maximise your income?


These income nosedives are something I’ve noticed particularly over the past year and each time is happens my heart is in my mouth as my Adsense income plummets and I wonder if it’s ever going to return to more normal levels. Of course, it does,



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but just for a day or two you’re wondering

just what has happened to your  normal income levels.

If you’ve been making money with Adsense for any time at all – you’ll know that your Adsense income can be unpredictable to say the least. From one day to the next you can experience quite big fluctuations for no apparent reason.


You may well have noticed that particular days of the week are far better than others – this will depend on the particular niche that your site is in.


For me, my best days are Wednesdays, with Saturdays & Sundays being particularly quiet. For my daughter’s site, she often has better days at the weekends.


It will depend very much on your site content and just who

your visitors are.



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My daughter’s site is fashion related, so I guess that a lot of her visitors are teenagers and young women who have more time to browse the internet at the weekend.


Of course, the upside of these Adsense income fluctuations is that the build up to big holidays, such as Christmas, can see some big increases in income.


If your site is one where you can cash in on this market, you’ll want to consider preparing for this several months beforehand. Especially so as the Christmas rush starts in early November!


By creating your content pages embedded with your Adsense code in good time you’re giving the search engines  plenty of time to find them & index them.


You’ve even got time to  tweak them


if you find that they’re not coming high enough up the search engine results.


As well as building pages, don’t forget that all-important building of links. This is more important for MSN and Yahoo, as Google seems to penalise irrelevant links.

However, it’s worth building links to your new pages from related sites, as this will improve your search engine rankings and thus your Adsense income.


It’s especially early to get an early start creating new pages that you want to get ranked in Google as they are now only re-indexing their pages every few months ,


so it is taking longer to get new pages ranked well by them.

Making sure you’ve got a Google Sitemap can help to get over this problem. There are plenty of free tools available to help you create your Google Sitemap – just type “free Google sitemap”




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into the search engines and browse through the available options.


Of course, the great benefit of building your internet businesses with Adsense, is that they’ll keep earning you money whilst  you  take your holidays, allowing you to take a well-earned rest.


So, instead of dreading the holidays,

learn to make the most of them plan for them, and use them to make even more money with Google Adsense!


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This article was submitted by Jennifer Carter.




An Adsense – Yahoo Publisher Network Comparison





As more and more people are hosting their own webpage or pages, advertisers have learned how to make contact with the audiences who visit the pages.


And not just randomly either;

There are now advertising programs that target ads specifically to the site that the person is viewing. They are called contextual advertising programs because they search through the context and content of a page and identify keywords.


They return ads to that page that the program believes would be relevant and interesting to the viewer. For example, if you are visiting a website on low fat recipes, you might find ads about low fat products or weight loss products.



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Website owners aren’t the only ones using this form of advertising to generate revenue.


You’ll see these ads on search engine pages themselves. For example, on Google, the ads appear in a column on the right hand side of the results page.


The keywords you enter in the search box are used to target ads to you. Advertisers are hoping that the short ad they supply will lure you to their site, where hopefully you’ll either order their product or use their service.


Website owners can now earn money by allowing contextual advertisers to

place ads on their webpages.

The more people visit and click the ads, the more money the advertisers will pay to the website owner. Many website owners make a considerable stream of income from these programs.


But the ads have to be well targeted in order to get people to click. Which is why right now there is so much excitement about a new contextual advertising program being tested and prepared for the market.


Everyone out there making money on contextual advertising is waiting to see if the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) product will return better results than the leading Google Adsense product.




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At the moment, YPN is still in beta testing.

A group of users were invited to trial the product and the reviews on blogs and postings all over the web are somewhat consistent on one aspect.


As of now, it seems that YPN is not returning ads that are as relevant as the ones that Adsense users are finding. For example, one blogger reported that on a website on PHP programming, YPN returned ads for a florist and for a phone service provider.


The blogger couldn’t understand what words the YPN program picked up for the florist. But it was the word ‘hello’ that apparently signaled the ads regarding the phone service.


Additionally, some users have complained that YPN doesn’t seem to update earnings and visitor information as often as Adsense. So website owners have to wait to learn if changes they have made have actually impacted the visitors that they get.


However, although neither program will release payment schemes until you register as a user, it seems that YPN is paying more per click than Adsense. But the feeling is that payments will be made more appealing long enough to get website owners to switch from Adsense to YPN,


but then prices will even out.

Some argue that in the long run it won’t matter if YPN pays more if they can’t improve their ad relevancy because they won’t get the number of clicks from visitors to see a real difference in their earnings.


As YPN is being tested, they are getting opinions and feedback from the participants. So in time, the service may be improved. However, competition for Adsense is a healthy thing.


It will force both companies to continually strive to improve their service and offerings so that webmasters can continue to benefit from a healthy stream of income in the future.



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