How to  convert movies  from You Tube 





New version of Drm-Removal Video Unlimited with one more additional feature: YouTube

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Ramka ltd released a new version of DrmRemoval Video Unlimited with one more additional feature.Now with DrmRemoval our clients are able to download video files from well known all over the world website You-tube.


Download and convert movies from YouTube is easy as never before. Single click on Internet Explorer toolbar button and selected movies are downloaded to your PC.


YouTube contains wide variety of movie clips,

TV clips and music videos and also amateur content. On YouTube everyone can watch video on-line. Also it is possible to upload your own video to a worldwide audience.People can find some videos about their hobbies or to connect with other users who share their interests.



With new version of DrmRemoval Video Unlimited our clients have no need to search some ways to download their favorite videos from YouTube. Now they are able not only unprotect and convert audio and video files with DrmRemoval Video Unlimited, but also to download YouTube videos.


And what is important that to do this is amazingly simple.

Users need only to run YouTube video file and to click “Rip YouTube File” button on their Internet Explorer toolbar and the selected video will be saved to their PC in any format they choose.


Furthermore our clients are able to use their lovely YouTube videos on hand held device like iPod, PSP, cell phone, Pocket PC and other devices.


So with new release of Drm-Removal Video Unlimited users can easily download YouTube video files and use them anywhere and anytime they want. DrmRemoval makes possible to keep in step with tempo of life.




How To Edit Your Video For The web


A web video is only as great as the editing that created it. It doesn’t matter if you have used a state-of-the-art camera, and had perfect angles, if you do not edit your video correctly for the Internet; than you will quickly find that your video is not suitable for Internet use.


Just because your video looks great on film, and on your computer, it doesn’t always mean that it will look good when being used on the Internet. This is why there are several rules that you must follow when you are editing a web video.


There are many great web video editing tips out there, however, there are several that are the foundational tips you must follow. Of course, like any video, you must film with editing in mind. When you are filming your web video,


make sure that you stay away from sudden camera movements, and long-distance shots. Because of the averagely small size of a web video, when your video features many long-distance shots, you will notice that the clarity is off,


and many people will not know what they are looking at. Keep everything simple, for the most part, and always make sure that you stick with close-ups. As a web video filmmaker, close-ups will be your new best friend, and it is a great way to keep your audience’s attention.


Also, when you are editing your web video, you want to keep sudden, or quick, transitions at a minimum. This is because just in case some of your viewers are running at a lower Internet connection, when you have quick transitions,


their player might actually skip over a pivotal scene, and it will make the video seem choppy. The main rule in web video editing is to make sure that everything is smooth. If you look at some very popular web videos, you will notice that there is very little actual camera movement and camera editing performed. Actually,




there is a rule among many web videographers that they follow exactly.

This rule basically says that all of their web videos should be done with one take. This means keeping massive amounts of transitions and different shots at a minimum. While some videos require having many different shots, especially if you are making a how-to video,


try to keep these shots smooth and precise. However, if you are merely explaining a product, try to do so in a single shot, which will require little-to-no actual video editing. The only editing that you may do is add text screens and other types of informative frames.


Editing for the web is much different than any other type of editing. If you have performed editing for actual films and other productions, you may find that editing for the web is boring, or extremely easy.


However, once you see the finished product on the Internet, and understand how smooth editing and minimal transition shots reflect the overall condition of the web video, than you will finally understand why minimal editing is key.



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