Why you should Leave your Bank




Why you should Leave your Bank and Join a Credit Union


So maybe you’ve had a savings account for a while or maybe you’ve taken out a mortgage for a house. Is your bank actually helping you,


or it is doing more harm than good? If you’ve never looked into the benefits of a credit union, maybe now is a good time to switch.


There are actually many benefits,


many of which you’ve probably never even heard about.Simply put, a bank is an establishment that is there to make money for itself.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s what every single business is in business for: to make its own money.



Laura Geller


So what’s so great about a credit union? What makes it different? A credit union is a non-profit organization that is there specifically for its members.



it’s a group of people dedicated to their money. So instead of stockholders making decisions for the bank they have partial ownership of,


you can literally own a portion of your credit union yourself and be able to vote and participate on different aspects of the company.


It is completely Democratic


and members even elect a volunteer Board of Directors. Sounds good, right? Credit unions also offer higher rates of interest payout in savings accounts as well as having typically lower interest rates on loans and personal lines of credit.


They also offer many free services such as checking accounts,


debit and credit cards, and personalized service.There are some people skeptical about credit unions because they believe that their money isn’t safe.


This rumor is no longer true and all credit unions now legally have to be federally insured, just like a bank. So there really shouldn’t be any question in which establishment you should choose.


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Now that you’re convinced, go a step further. What other corporations do you spend your money at? The grocery store,


clothing venues at the local mall. Once you start saving your money wisely, try spending your money wisely,



too. Everything you do can become more frugal and help you in life. Learn to shop around.


Do your research on which credit unions offer the lowest interest rates and the highest interest payouts.



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