What About Affiliate Marketing?


What about  Affiliate Marketing?





An affiliate program is put in place by the owner of a product.This could be an eBook, video series or a line of products.


You have probably heard of Clickbank and Amazon, you may have even purchased products there yourself. Well these are  large businesses  that have put an affiliate program in place.


What this means is that they encourage people to sign up as an affiliate. Then you go out and promote these products. When you get sales the company will pay you a percentage of the money.


This could be as little as 5% or as high as 75% or more. Basically you are a sales person working on a commission basis.


This is a very simple concept which is why affiliate marketing holds such an appeal to individuals wanting to make money online. But of course there is a learning curve that needs to be done.



One of the first things you want to think about when getting started with affiliate marketing is your reputation! You are going to be recommending products to other people. If you  recommend crap then people are not going to come back and visit your other suggestions.


You really need to choose your products wisely. Take the time to research the products and the reputation behind the supplier.


Don’t worry you are not going to have to start purchasing all kinds of products. You can read reviews and  reputation! and come to your own conclusions.


The Affiliate Marketing basics steps that you are going  to go through include:


• Setting up your own website – not required but recommended for best results

• Choosing affiliate companies to promote

• Choosing a niche

• Narrowing down your selection of products

• Promoting your products

• Using keywords to promote your product

• Writing product reviews

• Driving traffic to your site

• Creating a subscriber list

• Getting Paid


As an affiliate marketer your main objective is to drum up traffic to your affiliate links.

our link takes the prospective buyer straight to a sales page where the company takes over. From here it is up to their  sales copy to sell the buyer and make them click on the Buy Now button.



Your goal is to send targeted buyers to these sales pages as then your conversions will be higher. This equals more money in your bank account.






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