Training Your Dog At Home





There are special services available which do home dog training.


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For a fee you can hire someone to come to your home to teach your dog every day. You choose how long you want the program to last then they will end out a specialized handler who will determine what is the most effective training method for your dog then carry it out and of course you have to join in to.

Home dog training is relatively new on the dog marketing

scene and is quite a hit especially in America. It’s not because people are lazy so they are hiring professionals. It’s because they need someone with a lot of experience to help them train their dog, maybe their dog is giving them a hard time.

One of the largest home dog training services are Bark Busters,

they are a globally known home dog training service and have achieved results all over the world. There are hundreds of testimonials and reviews available so read one for yourself. They have sites in all parts of the globe. They offer a lifetime guarantee as well; you should visit their website to read more about them and the services they offer, also to see if you live close to a visiting dog trainer.

There is another large home dog training service located in the UK only,

they are called “Dog Training UK”. One feature with them is that they don’t actually train your dog at your home. They take them away to a place kind of like kennels for three weeks and train them there, so when your dog is returned to you he can do all the things that you have been trying to teach him for months! They can only accept dogs which are up to date with their vaccinations and cannot train very aggressive dogs.

Many people are turning to home dog training

as it is convenient and helpful especially if you haven’t had experiences training a dog before. A lot of people get tense and irritated when their dog doesn’t do what they say but that doesn’t help. Training a dog can be a very stressful time and home dog training just makes it that much easier. I say if it’s there for the taking, why not?!


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Suggestions For Training Your Dog

When it comes to dog training there are no secrets. Every dog training tip is different but it has been used before and if they say its new, it means adapted. The simplest of tasks for an experienced dog master could be the hardest of tasks for the beginner. There are no magic potions, or miracle sayings that can make your dog do what you want. You have to spend time with him, loving him and training him.

Many people seem to “have a way with dogs”

in the sense that they can ask your dog to do anything and your dog will adhere to their command straight away, you try it five minutes later and your dog just stares at you blankly. It is true that some people have more of a chance getting dogs to do what they say, not because of some aura around them but because of experience and tone of voice.

One great dog training tip is your tone of voice.

Your dog needs to know that you mean business but he has to know that you’re not angry at him. The handler must find a tone of voice that shows dominance but compassion. If you are constantly shouting at your dog he is going to get used to it, he will not know when he is doing something wrong because he doesn’t know when he is doing something good.

A lot of praise and attention is another great dog training tip.

Dogs wont learn the difference between good and bad unless they get treated differently. When your dog does something bad don’t roar at him, strictly tell him he was bad and not to do it again. Then when he does it right shower him with cuddles, treats and praise. Dogs come to learn that when they do something that they are told they will get rewarded for it and then after a while it just becomes second nature to them, of course praise is still needed!

All dog training tips are different and one dog is not identical to the next,

so try them. It won’t hurt to keep trying. The most influence on your dog’s life is when they are 3-16 weeks; this is the time that moulds them into the kind of dog they are going to be when they grow bigger. When you train your dog in these weeks this is what he will be doing for the rest of his life. Make sure you try a variety of the dog training tips available to you, some may work some may not but at least your giving your dog the best start in life.


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Strategies For Training Your Dog

When you say “sit” does your dog give you that “there’s no way I’m going to do what you say” look? When you’re taking him for a walk does he tug and pull and make you half run to the park? If the answer is “yes” then you need to learn some dog training techniques. They are harmless and aid free ways to train your dog to listen to what you have to say to him.

There is one dog training technique which I have tried and tested and it is great.

It’s called the “Nothing in life is free” technique. It basically works on the fact that nothing is free, your dog has to do something to get something in return. For example if he wants food he has to remain seated until you make his dinner, or if you want to talk him for a walk then he has to lie down until you put his leash and collar on. These training techniques all are based on the fact that your dog will realize to get what he wants he has to do what you are telling him to do. What if he doesn’t do it? Walk away. Don’t shout at him or keep trying if he doesn’t listen just ignore him and walk away then about 5 minutes later go back and try again. He soon comes to realize that you are in charge and he has to do what you say to get what wants.


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When dogs are born they usually have siblings and their mother is the “Leader of the pack”,

when a young dog leaves his mother he starts to think that he is free and can do what he wants. When he first joins a family he starts to act dominant. He tries to be leader of the house. You can’t let him gain this position you need to show him through dog training techniques that humans are the head of your house not the dog. He does not have to be aggressive to get what he wants. Sometimes dogs use the sympathetic approach using their puppy dog eyes. This is just another attempt at trying to get higher in the dominance hierarchy and you can’t let them get ahead of you.

When it comes to kids dog’s see them more as playmates

than masters as children can get down to their height and play with them, under adult supervision when your child gets to around the age of nine you can start to teach them to use dog training techniques so they can show the dog that when they ask him to do something he has to listen to them, not just listen to you.

Dog training techniques are extremely efficient

and very simple to carry out, the training doesn’t even seem like training it just requires repetition and you dog will soon catch on that nothing in life is free!





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