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Hello my followers I know we all have a Bessy life and some of us get a lot’s of email in our in box and you don,t get the time to read them all and some of them got lost in the E-mail rush So I have decide to my email


on my website so that they will be allways here so when you have so free time you can Just come here and you will know where to find that info that you are looking for,,,,Just book mark the website and your done,,

Thank you for reading this

Frank Kington


Ad swaps explained

This online Newsletter is all about ad swaps, a technique that can make you a lot of money. As you know, the number one way of creating income on the Internet is by building a list of leads that you can communicate to on a regular basis.


An email newsletter lets you create relationships on autopilot, since most of your emails will be pre-written and loaded into your autoresponder.


The main way that you begin list building is by creating squeeze pages and driving targeted traffic to them. It can be a bit of a challenge to get your first 300-400 subscribers, but once you reach that level, you can really turn on the juices. guessed it – ad swaps.





From that point on you can engage in ad swaps,

a method that will grow your list by leaps and bounds very quickly. There is no set in stone rule about starting at 300 or 400 subscribers. Some people begin ad swapping with more or even less than that.It may


take a lot more effort to find partners to engage in adswaps if you have a small list, but it can be done. All it take is to find other marketers who have a list in your niche with around the same size list as you or more.


Luckily, there are websites where people interested in ad swaps go to meet each other.

Your ad swap partner is going to send out an email to his list promoting your offer, and you will send an email out to your list with their offer. If they’re list is bigger,


she will only send out the same number of emails that equally matches the number of members you have on your list.


One of the most important ingredients in ad swaps is introduction from the list owner regarding the special offer. That’s because a lot of the trust that list members have in the marketer can be carried over to the ad swap partner as a direct result of their recommendation.



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Newsletter 2


Blogging and Internet marketing

People blog mainly for two reasons. Some bloggers blog just for fun, meaning they don’t have any intention in making money with their blog. They merely want to share their views and thoughts with other people online.


On the other hand other bloggers blog to make money online.

There’s a few ways to make money with your blog. By the way, if you don’t know what a blog is, it is a website that contains a continual amount of posts that a marketer makes – about whatever they’re wanting to talk about at the time.


The blogger controls what gets posted and controls what people can comment on. The posts can contain information on their niche, product reviews,


rants about any topic they wish, recommendations, etc… basically anything they want to talk about, can be on their blog.


If you post valuable information often,

you can end up with a lot of visitors that come to read your blog – which means money for you. How you ask? Well when you get visitors you can have Google Ad Sense ads on your blog which earn you money when visitors click on the ads.


These ads will show advertiser ads to your visitors related to what is being talked about on your blog.You can also make money by placing ads to other people’s products on your blog, this is called being an “affiliate” for them.


If your visitors click on your banners or text ads and make a purchase  you get paid for referring them. Another way to make money    with your blog is to sell ad space on your blog for a monthly fee.


If you get a substantial amount of visitors to your blog every month and can prove it, you can easily rent this ad space out to other marketers who want to tap into your blog visitors. And of course, if you have your own products, that is the 1st thing you should be promote on your blog!


You can make a great income with you blog by promoting affiliate products, placing Ad Sense or promoting your own products and services. The key is to get started.








Reviews And Blog For Making Money




a woman holding a wallet with money in it

a woman holding a wallet



When you want to buy a new product,


it is logical to ask someone you trust what they know about the product. For the article writer, one way to get noticed and create traffic is to write product reviews for your products and others.


One key to successful affiliate marketing is to promote your products.

As an affiliate, your job is to promote products that you believe in for someone else. You may have links on your site to these affiliate products but no one is going to click without further information about the products  .




As a writer, you are a valuable part of this process.

Product reviews are well read on the Internet. It is faster than phoning a friend sometimes and you can get opinions from several different people about their likes and dislikes.


If you want to make money with your blog, this is one way to do it.

A snippet about this product or that won’t cut it. You need a structured article that answers all of the questions buyers like you might have. Here are a few pointers for writing eye-catching product reviews.


1. Mention the product in the title.

Some people think of titles like, “The Last Mop you’ll ever need.” That’s great, but without pointing specifically to a brand of mop, this article will be passed over for one that does.


Instead you can say,

“Swiffer WetJet: The Last Mop you’ll ever need.” That mentions the product up front and a little extra to bait the hook.


2. Capture their attention in the first paragraph.

What can you say about the Swiffer WetJet? Hit the high points in the first paragraph so your readers will know what will be discussed further down in the article.


Mention the product again and what it has done for you.



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3. List the pros and cons of the product.

Readers can spot a sham product review in a minute. If it is just a glorified testimonial with no substance, you will lose readers for future product reviews.


Be honest about the product.

Some people may not consider the cons as important as the pros but they have the right to decide for themselves without you hedging your bets.



4. List tips for improved use of the product.

Maybe you know that the Swiffer WetJet works best if the Swiffer Sweeper is used first to get up as much dirt and grime off the floor. Let readers know that.


You could sell them on another product.

The point here is that tips like this let the reader know that you have actually used the product and are familiar with it. A little snippet doesn’t show any of that.



Product reviews can make you money through affiliate programs or promoting your own products. For a dynamite review,


include the information mentioned in the four pointers above.




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How to Broadcast Your List

How to change (or remove) the outline border color around Video

How to Create an Email Campaign / Broadcast

How to Create and Send a Video Postcard



How to customize the Chat Box below the Hangout Video

How to forward to an outside URL from a domain or subdomain

How to Swap A Lead Capture or Sales Page Video

How to Swap Background Image for Lead Capture Pages

Adding a Button, Picture, or Video to any Page

How To Add a Small Pic to the Title Tag (favicon)



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Free Affiliate Marketing Trainers




Online Marketing are making average people extraordinary income, and guess how they  are doing it?


What would you do if you could make money online easier than working a 9 to 5, and discovered how to do it for free?


Online Marketing have been a normal part of the internet since the beginning,

but only a few select individuals actually knew how and truly understood what needed to be done to make the internet a profitable place.


Affiliate Marketing Trainers

Well of course times have changed and everyone from 60+ grandmas to high school kids is making cash online.


Laura Geller


This phenomenon is no surprise for those of us who have been tracking this money ticking time bomb called the internet.


Online marketing sales have been increasing by the billions from many different niche markets that have become very popular and profitable online.


With all these new revenue streams coming online each and everyday,

there must be a way to tap into them, but how. Well if you have spent any amount of time online,


you have been offered some sort of money making opportunity,

everything from e-bay to e-books. With so many choices how can anyone make a good educated decision about where to start and what to sell,


I mean heck the online marketing money making gurus don’t always simplify the best route to take, not to mention there is a new guru every week anyway.




Make money making gurus

Well my friends there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have literally spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in search for the Holy Grail.


Only to find out that everything I needed to know about online marketing money making was right in front of my face.


I just needed to look at the products I had been consuming from the marketers prospective, and what was it that made me want to spend my hard earned money on this product or service.


It took me the headache of running into a couple of brick walls but I figured it out.

Now what most gurus don’t tell you is that even during their beginning stages they had someone to go to and ask questions or advice.



They don’t disclose this stuff in the courses they are selling but its true.

You take any one good at anything and behind the scenes you will find a coach or a mentor of some sort.



Unfortunately there is not any emphasis placed on having a good go to person when you fall flat on your face the first couple of times.


Even if you figured it out like me it’s still good to have someone to say “hey if you open that door you will probably fall in a pit, or I have tried and tested that and have had


good results give it a shot.

Now don’t get me wrong if I had someone that was qualified to give advice on what I was doing a lot earlier, my learning curve would have been shorter.


The bottom line is this even if you have spent countless hours online and brought every course there is, nothing beats having someone who has been where you are trying to go to help give you advice on your


online marketing journey.

I mean hey if grandma has a mentor and little jimmy from down the street has a mentor, don’t you think you should have an online marketing mentor?



I  makes sense don’t reinvent the wheel; try to make it better with advice from the guy who actually invented wheel believe me it will be a much easier and enjoyable experience.


Have fun with your online marketing journey



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Learn how you can make great money  with the internet’s number 1, know Google Adwords and Google Adsense programs…Did you know?


That internet advertising revenues reached an estimated new record of $4.2 billion for the third quarter of 2006 and that the internet advertising market  has been growing more than 30% for the last 4 consecutive years.


“Google reported revenues of $3.66 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2007”

Google Adsense is revolutionizing the web, high school kids are making fortunes per month with Adsense paying their classes and helping their fathers paying the bills at home.


Lawyers and doctors gaved up their practices to make millions with Google.Thanks to Google Adsense revenues the internet is growing faster each day, while Google is paying the bills webmasters create more quality websites with free


content and utilities for everyone,

websites that you look for when your cash flow is fading. People create websites just for make money with Adsense and this reason is reflecting on the web contributing to the fast growth of  thousands of websites and ideas that born every day.


When you use Adwords to promote your products you are sponsoring and broughting to life a new star rising website that can be a must value to the web.  That’s why Google Adsense/Adwords programs are so great, because everybody wins,


Advertisers and pay per click

advertisers pay per click and make sales using Adwords, clicks and impressions are made by the Adsense publishers that receive compensation, it’s a  rollercoster that never stops so therefore it is unbeatable.


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Besides the Adsense earnings and the Adwords traffic that you can generate you can also make big money referring others to the Adwords and Adsense programs,  when they use the programs you get paid, well paid.


This is how the programs work, by own Google words:

“When an advertiser who signed up for Google AdWords through your referral spends $5.00 (in addition to the $5.00 sign-up fee) within 90 days of sign-up, 

you will be credited with $5.00. When that same advertiser spends $100.00  within 90 days of sign-up,


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you will be credited with an additional $250.00. If, in any 180 day period, you refer 25 publishers who each earn more than $100.00 and are all eligible for payout, you will be awarded a $2,000.00 bonus.”


Google AdSense sign up for free

Do I need to say anything else to convince you to sign up? I Don’t think so.Just do the math and you will find out the potential of your earnings, if you  already know the programs you know what i am talking about and have a better perspective,


if you don’t I tell you this, you can look but I guarantee that  nothing else  exist  like it. And don’t worry, take it easy, take your time, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand any of this,


Because it only matter if you have  a website and want to make money with it, in the process you will discover how everything works and  how to succeed in your goals.


That’s for this and many other reasons that Google is and will be the internet’s number 1 for many years to come! Follow the path, become rich and make your dreams come true forever!!



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Make Money Marketing to Marketers



 Many on line marketers sell all kinds of goodies to make it easier for other marketers to make a buck.

Marketing to other marketers to make it easier to make money is great but many of the buyers never use the products and just try to pawn them off on other marketers.

So you wind up with all these people selling scripts, programs, e-Books, and more to other on line marketers and they profess how great they are without ever using them.


They are just trying to make a buck as an affiliate of someone

else’s idea.

     First of all   I am all for new marketing ideas especially the ones that automate tedious tasks. I love submitting articles and use an auto submitter. RSS feeds provide news to my sites.


Automatically creating links to Clickbank items based on keywords in my blogs is a godsend.

But, to me, if people don’t use these products and just pimp them to others, they are missing out on the long term benefits for a quick buck.


I admit that I have done this in the past and may do it again in the future – but – I only sell products that I actually use and approve.

That way I can actually vouch for them since I have used them and can speak from personal experience.


Personally, I prefer to market to the average Internet Joe. I market to people who are looking for a deal on a credit card (and I use a super script to keep my site current).


  Therefore  i recommend hotels in Thailand and can speak from first-hand experience.

Also i post links to hotels in Thailand forums and also have 6 Thai affiliate hotel sites.  For instance I also write articles about

Thailand and list my hotel affiliate links in the author’s resource box. These are pretty easy to write since I have been traveling to Thailand for over 30 years.


  However I also write the occasional marketing or credit article to get some traffic to those sites. I have about 10 article sites and advertise on those sites that others submit their articles to.

I would rather make a few bucks marketing a product to people who are actually going to use it instead of marketing to someone who is only going to try to sell it to someone else.


All of this is just my personal opinion. There is nothing morally wrong or illegal of marketing to marketers. I use many of the items that are up for sale, especially those that make my life a little bit easier.


The one thing that I do object to is the folks that market to others and make false or misleading statements indicating that they use the product and how wonderful it is when they have never used it and just want to make a buck.


Anyhow, keep coming up with all those great products that marketers can use to make our lives easier. Just market them honestly.


Local networking events

Build your business network by talking to EVERYONE you meet and then keep a catalog of names, contacts and resources.

When you find yourself in a bind and need to dip into your resource pool, you will be prepared. Keep in touch with these people,




and talk to them to find out what new information, job or contacts THEY have acquired.

Have you ever been invited to a networking breakfast? Or a networking lunch? These may should sort of strange to the person who has never been to one before,


But these types of situations are key to moving yourself to talk with others about what you do,How you do it, and what you provide in the form of services and products.

Many areas have their own type of networking events

These include business meetings to talk about the economy, or business meetings to set new ordinances for the local surroundings – everywhere you have people; you have the opportunity to ‘do’ additional networking.


The more people you know and talk with the stronger your network of business contacts and customer contact is going to become.


The first step to successful local networking is going to involve doing it

You need to get out there, and be where other business owners are, or at least where large groups of people are going to be found. Next, you need a good opening question. The best question you can ask a person when you are networking is,


What do you do? This is not only going to open the door to talking with another person, but also it is going to open the door for that person in turn to ask you what you do – which is just what you want them to ask you!


Networking should be done in conversation when you are in situations where you don’t know someone all that well.

Business cards are often given out, and passed around. If you are heading off to a club meeting, or a networking business affair,


you should also have marketing materials with you,

Such as a brochure or some type of printed matter to show and tell others what you do. As others find your materials handed to them,

or presented on a table of information, they have something tangible to take with them, read later, and to think about later.



Collect phone number, emails and information about other businesses

As you collect information about others, you will soon learn that you can use this information after you are back at the office,

back at your own business. Create a marketing package for each individual that you have met. Mail out the information with a personal note from you,


that it was great talking with you,

And you just wanted to share some additional information about your business with them, in case they ever have a need for a product or service that you provide.

This is very straight marketing, after the initial networking event, make it work for you!



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9 Tip to lose your visitors?




 Avoid These Strategies

It is no secret that the success of your Internet Marketing Business is to a great extent dependent on the traffic you get. For the Internet Marketer who wants to make money,


the website visitor is a very welcome person and his visit is most anxiously awaited.


When this is the real scenario

imagine webmasters adopting strategies and creating situations knowingly or unknowingly, forcing their website visitors to take a round about turn and flee from their websites.


Why do this, and lose your visitors?

The disappointment and frustration the visitors experience sometimes is such that they vow never to return to these sites again and an opportunity to make money is lost for ever.



Given below are specific situations that visitors encounter

when surfing the internet hoping to find some useful information.

1. Instruct your website visitors to register

before entering your site without giving them any clue what your site is all about.


2. Have an Audio sound track on your home

page and compel him to listen to your rhetoric without providing him any provision to turn it off.


3. Ensure that your website has graphics

and multimedia and will take at least one minute to download. This will give your website visitor sufficient time to get frustrated, change his mind and go to another site.


4. Once your website visitor is in,

confuse him without providing him with concise and clear labels to enable him to know his whereabouts and movements.


Also do not provide him opportunities to explore your site and go back to where he came from but entrap him in a mesh of web pages.


5. Keep changing frequently

the location of features in your site making your regular Internet Marketing website visitors and customers confused and frustrated.


6. Do not update contents on your website.

Have old or stale Internet Marketing contents without any indication of fresh content.



Display today’s date for old content giving a clear indication to the visitor that you are not only inactive but also dishonest.


7. Have plenty of Typos and grammar mistakes.

Make it difficult to read both text wise and color wise, indicating to your website visitors that you are a person without substance,


Laura Geller


Rather than looking professional.

8. Plaster your web page with Internet Marketing banners,

advertisements and pop ups thus irritating your website visitors.


9. Do not check your website for broken links.

Have plenty of broken links and error messages thus annoying your visitors.


10. Finally as your website visitors are about to leave you site,

serve an exit Ad. and ensure that they simply can’t leave that Ad. or exit from your website.


When a website visitor is confronted with this type of situation it is nothing but natural to expect him to be disappointed, disillusioned and frustrated.


There are millions of websites in the internet.

There is no reason why the visitor should hang around in a website that is not user friendly and helpful.


He knows exactly what he should do in such a situation,-yes, quit the site.

To counter these problems and make money from your website visitors, correct your errors, update your website regularly and dump these strategies that satisfy your whims and fancies.


Instead provide your Internet Marketing visitors a website that is simple, attractive and user friendly where he feels very much at home.



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