5 Tips To Writing Business Articles






Tip #3: Find out who your readers are, and write your article in their language!

Nothing is worse than when I come across an interesting article, and I find out halfway through, there is a completely different language that I don’t understand. There are many business writers that have a technical writing background,


and when they communicate their message in the article, readers may stumble on your article that is saturated in technical mumbo jumbo that only tech savvy individuals understand.


When you start preparing to write you article,

think about your people you want to reach, and who will be interested in reading your information, because if you’re writing for the non-technical person,


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and you put a ton of information that the average individual won’t understand, your message will definitely be lost and your readers you’re trying to attract will move on and find another article that is easier to read.


Tip #4: Once you have written the perfect article, now you want to know how to reach your targeted readers!


You wrote the perfect article, and it is jam packed with your features and benefits. You’re telling your potential readers how to reach you, but they won’t be able to reach you if you don’t take the steps to get your article out there on the web.




The best way to get your company article distributed

is through ezine and article distribution directories. You may decide to only submit your articles to a select few of the top article directories that offer a high volume of traffic,


but I would suggest that you consider also submitting to a variety of smaller ones, because you never know where they will be picked up from and prominently placed for inbound traffic.


One of the biggest changes happening with article directories is that you will find more niche targeted business content distribution sites that focus on your related themes. Highly consider these sites, because they not only offer you more category options,


these sites will eventually be classified as an authority site on your specific business topics.


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Tip #5: Your Author Bio can make or break the goal of your article!

Believe it or not, but your Author Bio is probably the most important piece to your article puzzle! You worked very hard on your article, and you took the time to make sure your message was clear and to the point,


but what I find with many well-written pieces is that they end with a very weak author bio. It’s like winning your customer over with a knockout presentation, and then not asking for the sale.


The same goes with your Bio,

you should not over sell, but you definitely should let your readers know you’re the expert, and that everything you talked about in your article will be explained in more detail once they click through your hyperlinks.


If you’re talking about a specific product or service and you have several pages with more information,

normally most directories will allow you to place up to a maximum of three links including your main index page. Take advantage of this, and always maximize your links that will give you many optimizing opportunitie


These tips are pretty straightforward,

and most of you would consider them to be common sense, but even the best article writers sometimes get off track, and may forget some of the fundamentals of writing.


It’s always good to get some outside tips to get you right back on track. Take my advice and use it as a tool to help you design your own writing style, and before you know it, your article will be flooding the Internet with business flair!


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