Membership Websites Attract

New Visitors  Daily


 The Internet reaches a mind-boggling number of people,


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putting amazing amounts of information at their fingertips. Lately, however, it seems that Web surfers have begun to change the way they find that information.


Although the Internet was originally conceived as a medium

by which information could be freely exchanged, membership websites – sites that charge membership fees for access to informative content – are becoming increasingly more popular.


“The Internet is no longer free,”

 Michael Rasmussen, author of the e-book ‘How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Internet Membership Web Site.’

“People are eagerly seeking information, and they will gladly pay for what they perceive as more valuable, reliable content.



Membership websites include news sites and expert information sites,

such as and The Wall Street Journal ( Although an extensive Internet search can often turn up the same information contained on these sites,


many Web surfers simply don't have the time.

They prefer to pay a membership fee and get the desired information easily and immediately -


rather than taking the time to find the information themselves.

According to Rasmussen, there is a formula that all successful membership websites must follow. His information, available at  ,


explains the workings of building and running a membership website.

Readers learn what are the most popular topics that people are willing to pay for, and why; how to find valuable content for membership websites; tips on designing a site that is both attractive and functional;


Laura Geller


Also a methods for successfully marketing a membership website.

Written from Rasmussen's own extensive experience, the resource is guaranteed to help entrepreneurs tap into the growing popularity of membership websites.“This is the future of the Internet,”


Rasmussen said of paid membership websites.

“People today want quality information. If you can offer them reliable, accurate information on topics that they're interested in, they are more than willing to pay.”







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