How to Get your page Rank



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The words that display in the top of your web page,

is one of the most crucial elements on the page as far as the search engines go. When you do a search for something what do you type in the search field?


Unless it’s a company’s specific name,

you type in a keyword or key phrase like “men’s cross training air sneakers”. A very common mistake is to put your company name in the page title.

Sometimes it’s appropriate, but for ranking purposes, uses a concise description of your page with a prime keyword from that page.


Bonus Hint- Start your first sentence with that same keyword!

Content Quality You’ll surely find as many opinions about content as there are about politics. Take away the extremes and you’ll find the meat is the same.

To increase your rank, you have to have searchable content, and it must be quality.


What is quality? More importantly, what do the search engines think is quality?

The answers depend on your site and position on the internet. However, all quality content shares some characteristics.  It’s useful information about your products or service.

Don’t throw random free, generic, carbon copied stuff from the web onto your site.


Use some thought and creativity.

Build copy around different aspects of your target. LOOK FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE
If you have a site about restoring classic cars,

make a page about the evolution of headlights over the decades. Add another page about how and where to find hard to find classic parts.


Content should be: Easy to follow-

and well written for a human reader, not a search engine. Unique- write it yourself or hire a writer. Varied- Don’t fill your page with the same keyword repeatedly or you risk being considered spam.


Laura Geller


Examine the keyword densities

of your keyword

in the top 10 listings it returns in a particular engine. Stay within that number.
Take a few more evenings or weekends and improve your ranks by doing some research and digging,


and applying that invaluable knowledge  strategically to your web site.


KINDS OF SEO RESEARCH you can do to win

There are SEO companies online who offer various reports that can save you a lot of the legwork. Even the simplest of tasks can be too time consuming when you need to focus on editing your pages.


For example, finding your current rank,

if any, in all of the major engines for all of the keywords you want to rank could take a day on your own. Some other types of reports available are:

Keyword Research- A list of keywords you or I might make sitting down with a pencil and paper is a good start.



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The important word here is “start”.

That list is dozens of revisions away from completion. It will expand and contract many times as further information is gathered. Are your words focused and targeted enough so you’ll attract qualified leads?.


Are there related words and phrases that you haven’t thought of?

What words does your competition have throughout their pages? And most importantly, are the words you’ve chosen actually being typed into search engines?

You can find many different levels of keyword services from simple analysis of your existing pages .


to research and development of an entire list ready for use in your pages,

Adwords or PPC campaigns. Competition Research- Who is ranking now? Who is in the positions where you want to be? .

Examine your competition’s pages with a microscope. An Understanding of those you want to outrank gives you a working outline to revise your own.



(Do NOT copy their content.)

Focus on trends, keywords, densities, titles, page elements… their pages, structures and their links. On Page Optimization-

A report like this analyzes the words in the elements on your page like titles and boldface or headings as well as your body copy, and link text.



It also tells you information

about keyword density.

Earlier I mentioned that using a keyword too many times on a page could be considered spam. An analysis like this will show how many times each word, word pairs and groups of words were used on a page and what percentage of all the words they are.


A report on a high ranking competitor’s site will give you some insight into a page.

that is successfully ranking for keywords you want. Off Page or Link Reports- As soon as you start learning about search engine optimization,

you’ll understand what a key role good quality links play in determining rank.


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These types of analysis will show

who is linking to you,

or even better, who is linking to a ranking competitor. You can get some ideas of sites to list with and an approximate number of links of a particular quality that you’ll need to rank. 

 TAKE SOME ACTION- a few well researched changes can give you a boost.


If ranking and on-line presence are crucial,

then find a respected, recommended and experienced search engine optimization professional. The same logic that tells you to go to the doctor when aspirin doesn’t do the job also applies to this situation.


If budget is constricting, your keywords have  little    competition,

or you’d like to improve your presence to the best it can be without employing a professional then you’d be surprised what a little knowledge and time can do for your ranking.


Applying the same techniques every few weeks and keeping your site fresh will put you a level even higher above the rest.


Remember, many variables and factors are considered

that given varying weights by different engines to determine where you rank. A brand new site, no matter how optimized it is usually doesn’t show any rank in Google until it miraculously appears about a year later.



Older sites of more than a few years often take the top ranks for

competitive words.

Don’t be discouraged. The simple SEO methods you read about online or in publications can give your site a stronger presence,

but will achieve far better results for you if you employ some smaller, budget based intelligence and research.



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