All Inclusive Montego Bay Vacation


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Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica.

It is widely known as MoBay. Miles and miles of steamy beaches and coconut grooves surround the city. The city houses the international airport of Jamaica; therefore, most of the international tourists start their Jamaica vacations from this city. The surroundings of the city are attractive and gorgeous.


If you want to laze around in sea, sun and sand,

then Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation offers a nice chance to experience all these things. The tours include a visit to picturesque beaches, fascinating mountains and a wide range of beach activities.

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Montego Bay is the flourishing corporate hub of Jamaica

and it serves as the major market city for most of western Jamaica. The city sponsors both a rising industrial center and cruise ship tourism. Tourists can visit various tourist attractions of the city during their Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation tours.


Some major tourist places in and around Montego Bay

are Fort Montego, Georgian house, The Cage, Parish church, Old Fort Craft Park and Sam Sharpe Square. Besides, there are many beachfront resorts at Montego and all of them provide various beach activities, adventure and fun to the tourists.



Fort Montego is one of the major attractions of the city.

The fort is located up the Miranda Hill. Earlier, there were 17 field guns in the fort, but today there is only one of them. The fort had seen more comedian Jamaican films than battles.

Georgian House is another attractive building in the city,

which houses two bungalows. Wealthy businesspersons who thought that one would serves as residence of his wife and another as the house for his mistress constructed the building.


Tourists should not miss a visit to the Old Fort Craft Park

in the Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation. The place is flooded with beautiful shell jewelry, t-shirts and attractive woodcarvings. You can purchase various eye-catching souvenirs from this market.


The streets of the market are full with vegetables and fruit stalls.

Sam Sharpe Square is an open place named after Sam Sharpe, a local idol who organized the Christmas Rebellion of 1831. The revolution finally resulted in the liberation of Jamaican slaves.



The Cage is an ancient building in the city constructed with bricks.

Name of the building is suitable, as it served as a confine for runaway slaves and drunks that were detained on the streets.


If you are looking for excitement and enjoyment during Montego Bay

Jamaica all inclusive vacation, then visit the Rose Hall. It is the most famous Grand House of Montego. The house is restructured on a sugar plantation. The structure of this ancient house is eye-catching and it represents the architectural marvels of bygone Jamaica.


You may have gone to many places for family vacations

but the experience with Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation is always enthralling and exciting. Arrange Montego vacations to enjoy various beach activities and scenic glory of the beaches.


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