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 Welcome to Make Money Today.Online.

My name is Franklin Kington


 I am franklin  I live in the united kingdom in old-ham I am a

Internet marketer I have beaning marketing

for over 15 years now

Here I am trying to Give back some of the information.that i have learn  over the year’s over to stop you making
the same mistake that I have made

On This website I have put a lot’s of information every thing  you need

to Know about Making money On Line


I got into Internet marketing because I am all ways doing something ,I could sit at home and do nothing or I was
helping friend with there  DIY stuff and earn some extra pounds .wild I was on-line one day I landed on a website
saying earn extra money from home on the Internet.

So I said I will Go and See how that it done , because I think to  my self I am getting older now I won’t be able
to do all that hard work any more. this look like a good idea SO here I am now trying to help others to earn that
little bit extra on line.

My first website I did not like after thee month because I could  not do any thing  much with it.  it was one of these
ready made website I think I got taken on that one . my second website was a lot better It was a big one lots of
pages on It.

and I thing it was great I could do a lot with it this was a ready made website as well by now I am
learning, my new part time job was to  read every books I could get  my hard on about marketing ..
.by now my head was buzzing


I started to edit this website and start to put my own stuff on.

because this was a ready made site lots of the program that was on .was not mine anyway If I got some sign up they would not come to me, It was very hard to edit but I manage it in the end ,I did not like it because it was so hard to edit and and take so much to time to do


so I close that one down as well and it was a bit to much like hard work,

so I have been looking around for one  that I could build for my self the way i want it  and I have this one ..this one is very easy to do the hosting Is cheap the help is very good if you are thinking of building your own take a look at here

There are so many skills that you need to learn to run an Internet business that at times it can  be overwhelming,
and everyone is so sure that the skill they are teaching is the best!


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But in reality none of the magic happens in an  Internet business until

you get eyeballs on your Web-Site

You can find some really high quality and unique quality product “Failure is a prerequisite for great success.
If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure.”

When I am on-line I try to find as much information as I can to help others If you are Just starting out in
Internet marketing because we need all the help we can get


Read on Here is a article that I pickup on the way

Focus or Fail

Here’s the secret and key to your success. Focus. Focus on  your goals and plans.

Plan your work and work your plan.-



it’s not very glorious or mind blowing,

but it works. If you are like most SOHO

(Small Office, Home Office) owners

you are the Chairman/Chairwoman, CEO, president, vice
president, marketing manager, accountant, secretary and
janitor. You are responsible for planning, developing,
marketing, publishing, delivering, cleaning, organizing –
in short, you are the chief cook and bottle washer.


Stay Cooler Sleep Better


So your focus is critical to your success.

Has this ever happened to you?

You plan to go out on the web and gather some information.  While you are out in cyberspace,

you notice an ad for something that is not related to what you are looking for.

Since it looks really interesting,

you click on the ad anyway. By the time you are ..done clicking from one interesting ad to the next,

you have lost two hours. Now you still have to go out and look for  your original material.

It’s happened to all of us. The key is to stay focused on your planned task.

Here’s one way to stay focused and organized while you’re  out on the WWW.

First you need to set up a filing system in your web browser’s ‘favorites’ folder.

My favorites folder has a list of each of the websites that I am working with  and in each of those


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folders are sub-folders.  The sub-folders are labeled administration,

marketing, sales, and misc.

And here’s the little trick that goes along with the folders.

Let’s say you want to go out and browse through your competition’s e-zine advertising prices to see how
they compare to yours. You go to an e-zine directory to find  e-zines with comparable numbers of subscribers.

Suddenly your attention is drawn to a flashing banner that says  ADVERTISE FOR FREE – CLICK HERE.

Of course you are interested in advertising for free!    But instead of getting involved in that right now,

click on the banner to pull up the web page that it is linked to.  When you get there, right click your mouse,

go to the ‘save in favorites’ field and put it into  the appropriate sub-folder –
administration, marketing,  sales, or misc.

Later when you have some free time, or have planned to search for new ways to promote your site,

you can go to the ‘marketing’ sub-folder and take a look at how to get some of that free advertising
that the banner was  so excited to tell you about.

This is one simple way that you can add extra hours to your  day.

When you stay focused, you get more accomplished in a shorter period of time and achieve your goals much
faster. Your success is directly related to your ability to focus and stay focused on your plan.

It may take time some to train yourself, but it is worth it.

Good luck and God Bless …call again this site get update

regular with new information

Yours successfully,
T. Telford