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15 Tits to Own Your E-Commerce Business ?Part 2


5) Are you creative ?

It’s an asset to any business. No matter how great your product, you’re not going to be the only one selling it. Marketing and advertising are critical to getting customers’ attention and encouraging them to buy. If you have a creative streak—whether it be copywriting, graphic design, or even an offbeat sense of humor—it will be an invaluable asset to your business.


This is doubly true in E-Commerce .

Since your customers can’t see the items they’re purchasing “in the flesh,” so to speak, they need to be enticed by the visual presentation and written description in your promotional materials.


6) Are you flexible ?

In business, if an idea or plan doesn’t work, you can’t let yourself waste time, energy, and emotion bemoaning its failure. You need to quickly come up with an alternative solution. Flexibility and adaptability are the key. You’ll need to stay focused to achieve your goal, but you may need to try several different paths to get there.


In E-Commerce order, for example,

one marketing approach may work for a while and then stall. At that point you’ll need to come up with something new. Remember, every business plan and every business


can benefit from a fresh look every once in a while, even when things seem to be going along just fine.


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7) Are you goal orientated ?

This trait is obviously helpful in all parts of life, but it’s particularly helpful in business. As a business owner, your goals will be defined in very simple, concrete terms—gross sales and net profit.


A good businessperson approaches each year with new goals and uses them as motivating forces throughout the year. Let’s say gross sales for your first year of operation were $500,000 and your net profit was $ 100,000.


For the following year,

you might set as your goal a 20 percent increase, or $ 600,000 and $ 120,000. Achieving or surpassing those figures will drive you day after day. Goal-oriented people also plan for the future.


Eventually, you may want to expand your product selection and your target market. You’ll have a long-term plan that includes the timing of your expansion and what every aspect of your business will do to accommodate increased volume.


8) Are you an optimist ?

Having the right mental attitude is important for every aspect of life. When you run into hard times, keeping an upbeat attitude and looking for the positive side of things is critical to riding out the storm.




This is particularly true in business.

By nature, it’s a trip with peaks and valleys. For instance, the hardest time for any business is the first year or two. You may spend months getting things ready to go,


carefully selecting the merchandise

you’ll carry, and getting your advertising strategy together. Then you’ll send out your first e-mailing and wait anxiously for the phone to begin ringing off the hook and your email box to be jammed with orders.


But nothing happens. Maybe a few orders trickle in,

or you get some phone calls with questions about certain items. This isn’t unusual, but even knowing that, you’ll still worry. If you’re the type of person who gets down when things don’t quite go the way you’d like,


you might have trouble with the roller coaster ride that any business will take you on. Keeping a positive mental attitude is essential to weathering the bad times and working hard to make the good ones arrive that much sooner.


9 ) Have you any experience you can use in running the business ?

If you have, it will make learning the business a lot easier. Experience in sales, accounting, advertising, marketing, personnel management, taxes, or any other business-related responsibility is a definite plus for a potential business owner. Experience with computers is mandatory since in E-Commerce of course computers are your lifeblood .


Laura Geller


You have to have hands on experience with computers both hardware and software and not be intimidated by comouter experts and geeeks but rather be able to work with these otten eccentric individuals who command often unique skills.


10 ) Do you enjoy working with people ?

One of the painful realities of being in retail is the fact that the customer is always right. Granted, running a E-Commerce business distances you from your customers in the sense that there’s rarely face-to-face contact. But that doesn’t mean you don’t owe them the same service and courtesy you would if they were standing right in front of you.


As an E-Commerce retailer,

you’ll have the same problems with customers that storefront retailers experience. You’ll have complaints about your merchandise, your prices, your service, your policies, and your employees. Believe me, no matter how well you think you have things organized, someone will find fault with them.


Stay Cooler Sleep Better

This is where tact, patience,

and understanding come in. When a customer is unhappy, you must put up with their behavior and try to amend the situation. The last thing your business needs is a bad reputation.


If you allow a customer to go away unsatisfied,

you can be sure the person will tell all their friends how terrible you are. That, in turn, will keep a lot of potential customers from becoming regular customers.


So there will be times when you’ll have to bite the bullet

and make amends quickly and courteously when you’d really like to tell the customer to take a hike. Because you’re dealing with someone who may be halfway across the country, it may take a personal phone call,


an overnight special delivery,

or a refund with a handwritten note saying you’re sorry the purchase didn’t work out but you look forward to helping them in the future. Just make sure you leave the customer happy. .You’ll also have to deal with the people who work for you.


As the owner of a business,

your behavior will set the standard for your employees’ behavior. If you’re negative and critical, they’ll be negative and critical. But if you’re cheerful and upbeat, that will also be reflected in their behavior.


You’ll have to be tough at times. Managing people isn’t easy.

If you’re lucky, most of your employees will be pleasant, will work hard, and will contribute positively to the business. But you’ll also have a few who will turn out to be unpleasant, lazy, incompetent, or even dishonest. Motivating them will be a challenge. If you can’t change their behavior, you have to be able to fire them.


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