Why Market E-books






Why market e-books?


The Internet is awash with all kinds of e-books. E-books about cooking, E-books about cleaning,child rearing, golf, cars,prescription drugs and anything else you can think of. Some are long. Hundreds of pages. Some are short. Ten pages or even less.


With all these e-books out there surely everything has been written about

every topic right?


Of course not. Even if another e-book has the same information yours does no one else has your perspective, your style, your voice. Whatever you write about, your e-book will be uniquely yours.


Only you know what you think and feel about a topic. Only you can put it together in your own special way. Your ebook is personal. It’s your take on whatever.


So why not publish a traditional paper book. Well you can. If you choose a topic the publisher is looking for. If you can muster up the minimum number of chapters the publisher requires.


you can find a publisher who thinks your writing will sell. The world of traditional publishing is not for the faint of heart or the person who thinks they might want to be a writer.





Well what about self publishing. A good choice. If you don’t mind paying for editing. Then paying for printing. Then buying a minimum number of you own book. All this is before you even start marketing.


I don’t want to give you the idea that I’m against other publishing methods. In fact, if you have written the great American novel or a great guide on how to do whatever, that meets publisher guidelines then go for it. However,


if you are just the average Joe or Jane who has some home spun wisdom to

share with the world an e-book is the way to go.


The Internet provides a quick, easy and cheap way to get your book out there. Your book itself. Not simply word about your book. With an e-book, after purchasing software, your only expense is marketing. No printing fees. No editing fees.

You control the length of your e-book, the layout, it’s all you. The ultimate form of self expression. Plus, you don’t have to convince a publisher how great your idea is. You are in total control.

You have the first and last say on everything. Every authors dream. Your vision undiluted.

Any topic you can think of, politics, love, email marketing, why the original Star Trek is the best…anything.


So what are you waiting for. Do the research, write your ebook and market

it to the world.


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