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Marketing your web site – Part 2 – Using banners ad and classified ads


This is the second part of Marketing your web site. In the first part we covered using Articles, Affiliates, Auctions and Auto Responders. In this part we will look at using banner ads and classified ads, both on line and off line. As with the first article, we are looking for ways to market the web site with the minimum of cost.


Using Banners to market

your web site

Banner advertising is on just about every web site you visit today. Banners are a form of advertising. This advertising is used to help pay for the site and help make the owner money.


Regardless of the type of business or web site you have, you can use banners to help increase your income. The advertising revenue generated from banners falls into 3 groups: Pay Per Impression (PPI), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Pay Per Sale/Lead (PPS).



Pay Per Impression

Because  with PPI banner advertising you are paid each time your advertiser’s banner is shown on your web pages. A term CPM is often used with banner advertising. It means cost per thousand,


Basically means you will be paid $x.xx for every 1000 banners displayed to the visitors of your web site This is the easiest method to earn money with as every time someone visits your web site you get paid. However,


However   this  is not used very much and is very easily abused. If you have a 1000 visitors per day and are paid $5 per thousand then you make $150 per month.


As an advertiser you do NOT want to use PPI. It would be like paying the newspaper or phone company money every time they said someone opened the newspaper or phonebook.


Pay Per Click

With PPC banner, you are paid more than with PPI but only when the visitor actually clicks on the banner rather then just seeing it. With PPI you many be paid $5.00 CPM (per thousand) and with PPC you could be paid $5 per click. However,


not as many will click on the banner. Banner design has a lot to do with what we call the conversion rate. That is basically how effective is the banner.



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Conversion rates for banners is usually less than 1%. A very good banner may have a 5% conversion rate. Remember that is a passive income stream. It is working around the clock and requires no work on your part.



Therefore, if you have 1000 people a day coming to your web site and you have a 1% conversion rate with a payment of 50 cents per click, you could be earning $150 a month just for having the banner there.


Also  As an advertiser this is a little better than PPI. At least now the visitor is on your web site and you have a chance to gather information about them and possibly sell them your product or service.


Laura Geller


Pay Per Sale/Lead

PPS banner advertising using pays the highest dollars of these three methods, but only generates income when the advertiser makes a sale to someone visiting from your web site It will have the lowest conversion rate of the three.


For example  

PPS banners only work well for the web site owner if the advertiser does a good job with the banner design (creating a desire to click), selling (presenting information), and closing (getting the sale).


However  none of these do you control directly. Selecting PPS advertisers for your site should be well thought out. As an advertiser, this is the preferred type of banner advertising.


Where to find advertisers

I think the best place to find people that want to place banner ads on your site will be the affiliate programs. This is also a good place for you to advertise that you would like to place banners on others sites as well.


Read the pages carefully. Banners can be expensive if you don’t generate any sales.


If you have friends or business associates that you do business with you can ask them if they would like to place a banner on your site or if you could place a banner on theirs. These exchanges become more and more popular as your site becomes more popular as well.


For instance  a new source for banner ads are from the major search engines. Google Adwords are probably the best known new source for advertising on a pay per basis.


For example  this works both ways.

You can pay to have your ad/banner placed on others sites as well as have other web site ads placed on your site. When your ad is displayed and someone clicks on it they will visit your site and you pay Google for the visit.


When you allow Google to place ads on your site and someone clicks the ad, you get paid.In the resource section of you will find more information on using banners to market your website.



Using Classified Ads to market your web site

Classified ads are just like in the newspaper. They are small detailed ads that offer your product or services and provides a contact (your email or web site).


A quick search on Yahoo for classified ads will find over 58,000,000 entries for sites and people who will either sell or place your classified ads on their web sites.


Classified ad sites fall into two categories: Free and Paid.



Free sites should be avoided.

BE CAREFUL… most free classified ad web sites. are farming your email address to sell to others. You will find you email box loaded with tons of offers and once it starts it will never stop.


Paid classified web sites,

however, can be like having a store in the world’s largest shopping mall for pennies a day in rent.One of the largest classified ads web sites is…eBay.


Think about this. For about 30 cents an ad (item to sell) you get listed for one week where over 1 million people a day come to shop. I have more information on eBay and other auction sites under Web Basics.


There are other forms of advertising as well.

One of which we discussed before was newsletters. Others include, your email signature, banner ads, ebooks and affiliates. Each are discussed here. Click on the Marketing Resources to review each form of advertising.


Because this is part one of a multi-part series of Marketing your web site.


for the rest of the series.

In the next section we will cover marketing you web site using email, e-books, letterhead and magazines. More information on marketing, website design and other areas of Internet Business can be found at in our resources area.


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Getting A Better Rank For All Of Your Pages!



woman reading a book

Getting A Better Rank



In one of my articles, I discussed how to market your web site link twice. It detailed out how to promote not only but how you should also promote your site without the


www., like this:


This article is to talk about promoting ALL of your pages within your marketing campaign. See, most of us typically only promote the main page on our sites.

Ex. The truth is, your site is much more than just the 1st page right? Well,


let’s condition ourselves to promote everything available within your site…

Search Engine Marketing is crucial for all companies who want to succeed online. I’m sure at one point or another, you will hear how


“Optimizing your site for search engines is crucial”.Of course, they aren’t fooling you, it is a crucial marketing tactic but,



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what is also crucial is learning how to use different tools to boost your search engine placements once you’ve optimized your site for the web.


So let’s talk about the marketing tactics available to you and implement strategies on how to promote all your pages within them.



Link popularity has become a norm for most small companies to implement in their daily promoting activities. Here’s the problem,


most companies that perform link exchanges daily fail to utilize it to their advantage.


For ex. Let’s say you perform approximately 10 link exchanges daily. For each one, you submitted your link “”.


What you’ll want to start implementing is submitting 10 different links within your site.


Ex Link Exchanges:


Spring Apparel and Merch to spend your Tax Rebate on



Your  Link #1:

Second Link #2:

Link #3:


And so on…

A good strategy would be to open up “Note Pad” and create all the links you want to promote.


1) Add each link

2) Assign an appropriate title to each link

3) Create an appropriate description for each link


  For example  Now all you have to do is to copy and paste each link when performing your daily link  exchanges.



Do you write articles to promote your site??? If you do, then you probably have created a “Resource Box” at the end of each article right??? Good,   let’s change the resource box a little.


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My site is host to 100’s of Marketing Articles and the 1 thing I notice time & time again is that each author (no disrespect to any of the wonderful authors)


Typically only add the main page

of their web site within their

“resource box”.


Besides that  let’s say you write articles about “Search Engine Marketing”. At the end of the article, add a link to a page on your site that talks about “Search Engine Marketing” or something similar.



May the fourth be with you! 15% off all Star Wars



So with that in mind, try revising all your articles to point to specific pages on your web site.





Submitting your site to directories will give your site long lasting traffic. Not all directories will accept any link from your site besides the main page.



  Also  this is ok though, there are literally 100’s of other directories that will allow you to submit any page you want.


Experiment with this and try to change up all your

links when your  submitting to directories.


I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND : Using anything other than your main page for directories like: OPD Open Project Directory or Yahoo.



So now you have 3 proven marketing strategies on how to improve your search engine placements for all of your pages instead of only your main page.



 To sum up   be creative with this and look for more strategies you can implement this tactic with.



Read More




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