Getting A Better Rank For All Of Your Pages!



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Getting A Better Rank



In one of my articles, I discussed how to market your web site link twice. It detailed out how to promote not only but how you should also promote your site without the


www., like this:


This article is to talk about promoting ALL of your pages within your marketing campaign. See, most of us typically only promote the main page on our sites.

Ex. The truth is, your site is much more than just the 1st page right? Well,


let’s condition ourselves to promote everything available within your site…

Search Engine Marketing is crucial for all companies who want to succeed online. I’m sure at one point or another, you will hear how

“Optimizing your site for search engines is crucial”.Of course, they aren’t fooling you, it is a crucial marketing tactic but,

what is also crucial is learning how to use different tools to boost your search engine placements once you’ve optimized your site for the web.

So let’s talk about the marketing tactics available to you and implement strategies on how to promote all your pages within them.



Link popularity has become a norm for most small companies to implement in their daily promoting activities. Here’s the problem,

most companies that perform link exchanges daily fail to utilize it to their advantage.

For ex. Let’s say you perform approximately 10 link exchanges daily. For each one, you submitted your link “”.

What you’ll want to start implementing is submitting 10 different links within your site.


Ex Link Exchanges:



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Getting A Better Rank



Your  Link #1:


Second Link #2:


Link #3:


And so on…

A good strategy would be to open up “Note Pad” and create all the links you want to promote.

1) Add each link

2) Assign an appropriate title to each link

3) Create an appropriate description for each link

  For example  Now all you have to do is to copy and paste each link when performing your daily link



Do you write articles to promote your site??? If you do, then you probably have created a “Resource Box” at the end of each article right??? Good,   let’s change the resource box a little.

My site is host to 100’s of Marketing Articles and the 1 thing I notice time & time again is that each author (no disrespect to any of the wonderful authors)

Typically only add the main page of their web site within their “resource box”.

Besides that  let’s say you write articles about “Search Engine Marketing”. At the end of the article, add a link to a page on your site that talks about “Search Engine Marketing” or something similar.



So with that in mind, try revising all your articles to point to specific pages on your web site.


Submitting your site to directories will give your site long lasting traffic. Not all directories will accept any link from your site besides the main page.

  Also  this is ok though, there are literally 100’s of other directories that will allow you to submit any page you want.


Experiment with this and try to change up all your links when your

submitting to directories.


I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND : Using anything other than your main page for directories like: OPD Open Project Directory or Yahoo.

So now you have 3 proven marketing strategies on how to improve your search engine placements for all of your pages instead of only your main page.

 To sum up   be creative with this and look for more strategies you can implement this tactic with.


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Search Engine Marketing 101




Search Engines are one of the most popular methods of finding information in the 21st century. Gone are the days of opening an encyclopedia to find the answer to a question or skimming the yellow pages to locate a local specialist.


Search engines are helping us tackle every conceivable

problem that we happen to face in our daily life.

Need to do research on the Civil War? Car having problems? Shopping for a new microwave? Curious about evolution?. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Search Engines provide a means to possibly answer any question that anybody has at any time.


So how can this help us in promoting our business?

To start, let’s discuss how search engines work, without boring you with too much computer tech babble. Search engines consist of a number of very sophisticated software programs that gather and organize information from the internet.


The first important program is called a “robot spider”

that is used to index, or “find” pages posted on the internet. The search engine then uses an algorithm, or mathematical equation. to determine how important a web page is in relation to a particular word or phrase (referred to as keywords or keyword phrases.)




Let’s use an example to better understand this concept.

Say you went to and entered the words “los angeles pizza”. The results shown by Google will be shown on your screen. The results are numbered starting with #1;


Google is telling you that,

based on its very sophisticated mathematical equation, that the number one listing is the most relevant web page for the words “los angeles”. Hopefully, that # 1 listing will provide you with the information you are looking for.


Now imagine if you were a pizza shop owner in Los Angeles,

and your websites home page just so happened to be that # 1 listing on Google. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how this listing is an important marketing tool for your pizza business.


Now, before you jump out of your seat,

hold on, because it gets better. Another software program the search engines use has the ability to keep track of how many times a word or phrase is being searched. This is where the dynamics of search engine marketing really start to shine.


In traditional marketing,

like television or radio, demographics are used to determine what audience you should target your business to. A commercial for a kid’s cereal would probably be shown during a children’s television show.


TV companies would charge more

for an ad spot that ran during a show that attracted more viewers for a specific “target market”. Super Bowl ads are the most expensive because the program attracts the attention a millions of 18-35 year old men who tend to spend quite a bit of money on consumer products,


Thus the crazy amount of money that is spent of advertising.

With search, however, the information that is collected helps us target our websites (which are a basically commercials that run 24 hours a day) to a more specific audience; we can actually pinpoint roughly how many people searched for the words “ford mustang parts”. Now if you are someone who sells ford mustang parts,


This information is very important to you.



Ten years ago,

the only way of marketing your business would be to purchase advertising that probably targeted a large number of people. usually in a car trade magazine, You would have a good idea about your audience. but you didn’t have any real numbers of how many people were looking for your product.


With search engine marketing,

it’s possible to focus marketing campaigns on just people that are actually looking for the products or services you sell, saving you precious time and money that would otherwise be wasted on those not interested in you.

This is why search engine marketing is especially important to the small business owner, who usually does not have deep pockets to spend on marketing and advertising to begin with.


Search Engine Marketing

has taken the business world by storm, and has propelled search engines like Google to become huge, billion dollar corporations through their advertising revenues. Traditional media has begun to transform as the barriers between

Television, radio, print, and the internet begin to blur.

The internet has introduced a new performance-based marketing and advertising platform that will spill over into these other forms of advertising. Understanding the actual process of marketing your website through these search engines is crucial in understanding how the marketing industry is evolving and changing in the new century.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?



If you are a website owner,

you already understand the importance of keywords and advertising in search engines. In order to make sales, websites must use the latest advertising technology geared toward the internet.

These methods include search engine optimization and search engine advertising (pay per click) and are necessary for success in any online venture. Together they are known as search engine marketing.


Search engine optimization

consists of a variety of techniques to increase the rankings of a website in search engines. Search engines base rankings on a number of factors that determine relevance of a site and where they will go in their search results.


The search engines use spider programs

which search out websites and, using algorithms designed by the search engines, gather all sorts of information from the website. Some considerations in the algorithms consist of things like age of site,


how often the site is updated,

content, links, and many other things. Search engine giant Google uses PageRank to measure sites, with 10 being the highest ranking which is given to very few sites. If your site has a 4 or 5, that’s pretty good.


Search Engine advertising

or Pay per Click advertising is another tool used in search engine marketing. By advertising directly with the search engines, a site will be given higher ranking in search results. Search engine marketing also gives exposure to a site based on content,


so the site appears in search engines when users are looking

for a particular product or keyword.

This targeted searching and advertising is dominating consumer spending. In 2003, $2.5 billion in sales came from search results, and that number is expected to grow 25 percent this year to $3.2 billion.



Employing these methods

of Search engine marketing will increase your sites visibility in the search results. Both parties win using search engines. For advertisers using the best techniques of SEO, they will gain visitors who are looking for their specific products or services.


When their business is put into the search engine,

visitors are more likely to visit the site specifically for their services. Research also shows that when visitors come to a site through a search engine, they are typically more motivated to buy.


There are much more to these techniques than listed above.

Search engine optimization itself is very detailed and complicated. To truly optimize your site, it is important to hire editors who specialize in SEO. And advertising too requires knowledge of the industry.

It is very important to follow the search engines guidelines to the letter to avoid being penalized. A company that provides exclusive search marketing services will do everything from keyword selection to monthly maintenance.


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Why? – Search Engines


the Search engines enable to their visitors to enter a specific word or term, known

as keywords. Once submitted, all pages containing those keywords that can be found

in the search engine’s directory are listed on the search engine result pages.


What is a search engine?

Here I am going to define the Search engine with respect of two view as given below :

1. In the respect of Visitor (Who want  getting best results)
2. In the respect of Website (Who want make best results)

In the respect of visitorthe Search engines enable to their visitors to enter a specific word or term, known as keywords. Once submitted, all pages containing those keywords that can be found in the search engine’s directory are listed on the search engine result pages.

In the respect of website who wants listing to search

engine a search engine is a website such as Google on which people can search for other websites on the Internet. Search engines do not include sites manually, but  have an automated “search engine spiders” that “crawls” the web through links. If your website has just one link to it, it will eventually be found and indexed in a  search engine. The term “search engine” is often used generically to describe both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories.

There are two type of  Search Engine:

1. Crawler-based search engines
2. Human-powered directories

These two types of search engines gather their listings in radically different ways.

Crawler-Based Search Engines

Crawler-based search engines, such as Google,

create their listings automatically. They “crawl” or “spider” the web, then people search through what they have found. If you change your web pages, crawler-based search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are  listed. Page titles, body copy and other elements all play a role.



A human-powered directory, such as the Open Directory, depends on humans for its listings. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. A search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted.

Changing your web pages has no effect on your listing. Things that are useful for improving a listing with a search engine have nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory. The only exception is that a good site, with good content, might be more likely to get reviewed for free than a  poor site.


Get 500 Leads and import them into your Autoreponder.



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Web marketing

99% OF Affiliate Marketers Fail in the First Year


I have been on line for 12yr and I have sign up for all kind of program half of them only around for 2 or 3 yr and then they are gone and they don’t  pay you this program have been around since 1999  you know that this is a safe bet

Therefore you know that you are going  to get pay 

  Besides   have you been on line for 5 or 6 yrs now you still have not make any money as yet not because you have not try or you have done it wrong,,, 

  First of all  you just keep try to promote new program all the time here is what you can do find a program that has been  around for a long time like… all in one profits.

allinoneprofits has been around since 1999…

you have got to stick with it for 2 or 3 yrs that is the only way that you are going to make any money on line .. don’t live to ask your self why did I join this one 

you can start now for free Go and take a look and see what’s on offer   Since 2004, the heart of all in one profits   affiliate program has been a simple yet powerful 5 layer compensation structure, which pays out a total of 100% of all revenues received.

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Affiliate Marketing


As a all in one profits affiliate, you will be rewarded with a 100% commission on the revenue generated from each layer, down through a total of 5 generations, with no limit to how many “front line” (Layer 1) affiliates you may have and therefore no limit to your potential income.

In this simple illustration to the right, you will see that if you personally introduce just 5 affiliates and each of them do the same, you will have built a

network of 3905 affiliates.

Whenever one of them makes a sale or spends money themselves on a all in one profits service, you will receive 100% of every transaction, whether it is monthly or annual, which means long term, residual income for you.



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Basic Affiliate Internet Marketing

  First of all  of us would love to make a little more money. Sometimes just a little to supplement an income can be a huge help. Today it is easier that you think to get a little extra cash in your bank accounts.

Most of us today have our own personal websites. We can get them for free and use them as a method to keep others informed of what we are doing. You can actually turn your website into a way of making some extra cash for you.

By placing some ads on your site, you have the potential to earn some cash.

When people go onto your site, if they see an ad that is interesting and click it on you receive what is known as a referral payment. The more clicks the better. Gradually your earnings will increase as your website gets viewed.

You’re not likely going to get rich with just your own personal website. However, it is a way to get started. There may come a time when you create another site and you can start turning this into a money making venture as well.

  Because  You could sign up for an affiliate program and make money through their ads. To do this well you need to think of an appropriate affiliate program that readers of your site would appreciate. For example, if you site is about pets, you may want to look for affiliates that work with pet supplies,

pet food or veterinary services. You’ll want to have affiliates that will enhance your site. Having ads for rare books or sporting goods on a pet’s website isn’t going to attract too much attention.

   because once you have a site up and running, you need to get a list of affiliate companies that will give you their advertising banners. There are loads of companies on the net that will help you. You can also get performance statistics on them as well.


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You will be able to track how much you will earn and how you will be paid. Once you get a few banners onto your site you’ll be able to check the progress for yourself.

Two companies that are incredibly popular are commission junction and link share. These will both help you find affiliates for your website. They have loads of good, accurate information available on what companies would be best and how well they perform.

Signing up for one of these affiliate programs is easy. You will be asked for personal information so don’t be put off. This is necessary because they will be paying you commission money. You’ll be expected to give your social security number as well as take information.

Once you sign up you will need to think about which programs to choose.

Commission junction has all of the information available on which companies pay which rates of commission. They also have information on how well and timely they make their payments. If a company is a shaky reputation, commission junction will know about it.

If you’re looking to make a little more money then it is easy. Why not take the first step and turn you personal website into a way to make cash. Fill up those blank spaces with advertisements and let the money roll in.

you can always expand and create different websites. They more ads you can get the better. Affiliate programs are great ways to help you earn money. You can start off small with your own site and then expand into other areas. Eventually,

you could build your own affiliate business. Look into affiliate marketing. It could be quite lucrative.






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Why do 90% of Online Businesses in South Africa Fail?


It is estimated that over 90% of new websites fail within the first year of existence. Interestingly enough, the same can be said for the restaurant industry, as only 1 out of each 10 new restaurants experience real rewards.

With such negative odds it seems that many are taking a foolish gamble for a shot at success. Yet, there are certain individuals who are able to launch successful restaurants and online businesses time and time again with amazing success rates.

Why is this? Almost all of these entrepreneurs failed many times before they succeeded, but, the key to their success is a winning formula derived from trial and error.

The Internet is no different. Through the Dot-Bomb era, millions of websites failed and through this collective information, it was possible to develop a successful formula. A formula used by R.O.I Media to ensure the success of their websites and their clients’ websites.

Highlighted below are some of the modern principles for online success. It is guaranteed that if businesses actually adhered to these principles, 90% of them would be smiling rather than crying.

1. The 5 P’s (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance)

The key to launching a successful online business is down to proper planning. Before launching any online business you need identify your potential target market and demand. Online Businesses have distinct advantage over traditional brick and mortar businesses due to the fact that we can identify demand for any industry based on the daily demand indicated in search volume.

For instance, the keyword “cape town accommodation” is searched for ± 350 times a day. Therefore it’s feasible to launch a site that offers bookings for accommodation in Cape Town. The demand is visible in the searches done by users.

2. Competitor Analysis

It’s surprising how many new online businesses launch and when asked the question, ‘name your top 5 competitors?’ few can give you a direct answer. By identifying your competitors, you gain valuable competitor intelligence which can help mould your business model. It’s important to see:

How much competition is in your industry?
More competition makes it harder to compete. Sometimes the better angle is to target segments with less competitor saturation.

Price Comparison
Customers in this day and age are becoming more and more price sensitive. With the internet, customers are able to shop around for the lowest price within minutes and most of the time they are drawn by a low price. It’s sometimes better to make less profit as opposed to no profit.

Don’t be caught off guard. Identify all your competitors’ prices and position yourself to be competitive and make sure you are able to make enough profit to sustain your business expenses, including marketing.

USP – Unique Selling Proposition
This is a vital question that few business owners can answer. What is your unique selling proposition? Simply put, what do you offer that your competitors don’t offer or what do you do better than your competitors. By launching a product range that is not unique in any way, will not give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace and will set you up for failure.

3. Build it and they will come (Traffic)

Many new websites spend far too much time and money on launching a website. Once the site is launched, they do far too little to promote the website and as a result few people come to the website. Being out there is not enough; you need to actively promote your website online in order to get traffic to the website. Traffic can be generated through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay per Click services).

Interestingly, 88% of all internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. In February 2008, there were nearly 10 billion core searches done in the US alone. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of bringing a website to as high a position as possible in the search results when a user types in a search term in the search engine.

In Layman’s terms, you go to Google and type in “Blue Widgets”, and a website comes up number 1 selling blue widgets, this is due to an effective SEO strategy.

4. Leading the Horse to water (Conversion)

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. The same can be said online. All the traffic in the world will not guarantee sales. More traffic does not always correlate to more sales.

Website effectiveness is measured using a simple metric called Conversion or a website Conversion Rate. To work out your site’s conversion rate, you divide the total amount of unique visitors (NOT hits) by the total amount of sales.

For Example: 100 unique people visit your site, 2 people buy out of that 100, you have a 2% conversion rate.
Conversion Rate = Desired Action/Total Number of Unique Visitors
The average global conversion rate is 2.4%.

The average South African website conversion rate is under 1%. What does this mean? If you are spending an average of R10 per Click (PPC), driving 100 people to your site will cost you R1000. If only 1 in 100 purchase, that sale (cost per acquisition) has cost you R1000. Let’s hope that you made more than R1000 profit or you will generate no return whatsoever. The reality is that most websites suffer from terrible conversion rates. Usually, their sites generate zero returns and actually lose money as their advertising costs exceed their profits.

Did you know that 75% of browsers back out of a shopping cart? It’s even got its own term, called “shopping cart abandonment”. People enter the shopping cart, and something freaks them out to the point that 3 out of 4 run away. Was your delivery cost too high? Did they think your site was a fly by night? Was the return policy not clear? Were they worried about submitting their credit card details? These are some of the reasons that can lead to this.

5. A website is a website, or is it?

The first step before spending vast amounts on marketing is to refine your site’s conversion ratio.
There are websites and then there are online selling machines. The difference is linked to the conversion ratio, one sells and makes money, and one does not.

By effectively increasing a website’s conversion rate, you generate more sales, and more profit without spending more on marketing.


By following these key guidelines and contacting an expert company with a great track record, online success should not be contributed to luck. Proper planning and execution will ensure long term sustainable success.


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