The Benefits  Of Using RSS To Make Money Online



You probably know that RSS

stands for


“Remote Site Syndication”, but what does that really mean to you as a marketer and more importantly can you use RSS to make money online?


As you keep reading you will learn to understand the benefits of using this recent technology in your internet marketing efforts to increase traffic and profits.


Plainly put, RSS feeds are printed in XML, a unique mark up dialect much like html. That means that they have mechanisms included that detect structures in a file. The structures identify the content and how that content will be displayed inside that file.


RSS is what makes big newscast websites feasible: RSS documents are used to generate a data feed which will send headlines, links or virtually any other portion of information to a channel viewer application, regularly called a news reader.


These readers are subscribed to certain RSS feeds and constantly check them, alerting the user when any new information has been added to the RSS feed.
So, how can you use this to your benefit in internet marketing?




Here are the most common ways to integrate RSS feeds into your marketing plan:

you can use RSS to replace any email marketing you are presently doing, use RSS feeds to increase traffic to your blog or web site or build your own RSS feed so your messages and information show up on thousands of websites, blogs and desktops via the internet.


While many marketing experts will agree that email marketing isn’t over, with the advent of increasing spam complaints and filters coupled with the danger of viruses originating from an email, more and more people are wary of even opening your email.


With RSS, your email won’t ever get filtered and have a greater chance of actually being read vs. a normal email and your marketing outcome can only be better when people actually read your messages. You can even incorporate autoresponders in conjunction with RSS.




With RSS feeds on your web site or blog allows you to add dynamic theme related content to your web pages making your web site or blog very popular with the search engines. The constantly updated content is just what the search engines desire and helps increase your search engine ranking with more traffic driven to your page.


Possibly the best way to use RSS to help your online marketing goals is to establish your own RSS feed.

This way your information will be available on any website that is using the RSS feed you are supplying that information to. There’s even automated software to submit your RSS feeds to the different directories that furnish the feeds to people using them as described above.


RSS is still a relatively unknown technique of increasing traffic to websites, but is becoming more accepted every day. As an internet marketer, this is a great opportunity to benefit by this this new technology before all the online gurus start taking advantage of RSS.


There is a lot of information on the internet pertaining to RSS and how to use it as a tool in marketing. The basis of this writing is only the tip of the iceberg to get you aquanted with Remote Site Syndication, and yes you can make money with rss!



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Marketing Your Business The Right Way


man sitting a desk looking at a computer



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Whether you are a small business or a large corporation you need a good marketing strategy. There are dozens of ways to market your business the question is which ways are the most effective for your product or service?


 Outline your marketing strategy with this popular saying, “Who, what, where, when, and how?”


First you need to know your product, is it something that people will feel they really need, what purpose does it serve? Who is your target audience?


Two major components of your target audience are what age group and which gender will be most interested in your product. Depending on what product or services you are trying to market you


Also may be able to target specific groups such as certain professionals or interest groups “hobbies”.


What is it about your product that is better then any of your competitors? Is it of better quality, does it have a longer warranty, does it cost less then the competition? You need to know what it is about your product that is better then the other ones around.


These are things you will want to tell your target audience about your product. An example might be if you are trying to market a fruit drink.


You would want your audience to know that it is made with more or all-real fruit.



That they are more vitamin benefits to your drink. That it has a fruitier more refreshing taste. These are things that are going to motivate potential customers to try it.


I’m sure you have heard the first three rules of business and that is, location, location, location! Product placement is an important aspect of marketing.


Make your product accessible to your target audience. If you are a small business you want to place it somewhere that gets high traffic.


Depending on what you are trying to sell you want to be where you customers will be. Locate yourself near a shopping plaza, hotels, restaurants or a main street that many people use to commute to and from work.


This is the “where” marketing  question  you should ask.


When should you advertise your product? If you are using the media such as television or radio ads, this is a question to ask. When does your target audience generally watch television.

If you are targeting men a good time to place your ad is during sports programming. Is it something children will want, then air it during cartoon programming. If you are using radio advertisement and you are targeting any adult.


Try during rush hours, times when people are going to and from their jobs. Marketing your product at the right time is highly important.


No matter where you are marketing your product your audience needs to know how to get it. Do they have to go to a location to buy it? Can they order online or over the phone?


How easy is it to pay for? Is it an expensive product, but very beneficial? Can it be paid for in installments? These are also marketing questions you should ask.


If you want to be successful at selling your product you

need to know what marketing steps to take.



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Marketing your website  


 two woman and a man at a desk

website marketing


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Marketing your website

– Part 1 – Using


articles, auctions, affiliates and auto responders

We explore the many different ways to market a website, both online and offline. The ephesis is on low cost methods. This is a four part series. Part 1 covers using articles, affiliates, auto responders and auctions as ways to market your web site.


Your web site is just like your business,

in fact it is an extension of your business in some cases and it IS your business in others. Your advertising campaign must address each of these methods to the best and fullest extent possible given your advertising budget.


Let’s take a look at how you can use

these different advertising methods

to your best advantage:


Using Articles to market your web site

Short articles are a great way to generate traffic to your website. Articles can be used to keep the material fresh on the site so that  customers keep coming back, they can also be used to ‘advertise’ your site on web sites owned by others.


Placing your article on article submission sites allows others to download it and use your article in their newsletters and on their web sites. Of course there are links in the article that point to your site for more information or other reviews etc.


These links are great as they help

increase your standings in  

the search engines.

The articles can be about any topic and you will find there are hundreds of article submission sites available to place your articles on. Most are free as they need fresh information so that their customers keep coming back as well.


I want a business.

biz is a new article submission site that I have started to give you an idea of what one is like. Feel free to post your articles on this site if they pertain to small business or home based businesses.


Affiliate programs can add thousands

of independent sales people to help

market your products and services.

Over the years I have been involved with many businesses, and one of the things I remember from my Amway days was that as an individual, I could only do so much.




I have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

52 weeks a year in which I can work.

There fore I will hit a maximum point of sales that I can handle by myself. After that I’m done. The only way to do more is to automate and have others duplicate what I do. The same is true on the web.


We need to automate and duplicate

what we do so we can have others

expand our sales for us.

The first part of this equation is duplication. We can have others follow what we do and sell our products and services for us and pay them a portion of the profits. This is different than having employees.


Employees have no requirement to sell. They are overhead that must be paid regardless of sales. That is NOT what you want for a new business.


Keep your hard earned cash for other things.

What we need is someone that is willing to do the work for part of the profits. This is where affiliate programs come in to our formula for success. Affiliates are basically a partnership between web sites to advertise and promote products,


services, or information for a share of the profits. When someone they refer to you buys, you pay them a percentage of the sales. Result? More traffic,


more sales and less time required by

you to find the customers as

someone else does it for you.

What else can a good affiliate program do for you? How about driving more traffic to your site!  Build brand awareness as more people visit your site from the hundreds or thousands of affiliates that are advertising for you.


Obtaining qualified leads that you can follow-up on to increase or up sell to. Increasing the links to your site which will increase the ranking of your site on the search engines resulting in more traffic and more sales.


There are all kinds of affiliate programs. Some programs charge to be a member and some do not. Some are web based and some are software programs that you load on your computer to set up and track the sales and affiliate yourself.


Which one you use is up to you. Here

are a few that I have   found.

Affiliate Net – This is one of the more affordable server side affiliate programs. With this software there are no monthly fees only a one time software charge. At the time of this writing this package sold from $49.95 to $99.95.


Referral Software –

This package is also server side although more expensive, it has many more features and is worth while to consider if you are serious about earning a lot of money with your Internet business.


At the time of this writing this

package sold for $299.00.

Click Bank – This is a web based affiliate program. By signing up on their web site you have access to over 100,000 affiliates. There are monthly and set up fees.


clix Galore Affiliate Networks – This is a web based affiliate program. There are monthly and set up fees.


I highly recommend affiliate programs.

For the reasons listed above. Remember they will help drive traffic to your site, which means more sales and you can use the affiliate programs to offer others services and make the commission once you are done with the client.


This could be a good business all by

its self.  Using Auctions to

market your web site

Ok, you have a product or service you want to sell; you need to let people know about that product or service and you don’t have much money to spend.


Imagine a place that gets over 3 million customers that are ready, able,


willing and looking to buy everyday.

It is a Super Mall!

Ask any business person what they would pay to be in a mall that got 3 million visitors a day. You can see the dollar signs light up in their eyes… both in terms of cost and sales potential.


Remember my goal from earlier in the course when we talked about business planning? I need to have 4200 visitors a month come to my web site in order to sell 420 copies according to my business plan.


Well E-Bay gets 3 million visitors a day! Do you think that might be a place that I would want to advertise my books or my web site?


In fact I have sold quite a few of my other books on E-Bay as well as bottles, baseball cards, clothing,


computers, software, training, video

and much more. So can you.

Let’s take my Weekend Chef’s guides and see how I can sell them on E-Bay, Yahoo Auctions, or MSN Auctions. First I need an account. This is simple, but does vary based on who you are signing up with.


Follow the instructions (at the end of this page is an excellent course on how to really make money on auctions, but this will get you started).



Once you have an account, we now

need to place something for sale.

Think of the auction site as your web site As such we need to create a web page that offers you product/service for sale. I use a software package call Auction Wizard 2000.


They have an excellent program that allows you to try it for 60 days before you have to register. It is so easy to use as well. Using Auction Wizard,


You can create an auction page and automatically post it and repost as needed to any of the supported auctions. No special knowledge of html is required.




Simple fill in the blanks and add any

pictures or graphics and I’m done.

It also will track the sales, send emails to successful bidders, track inventory and so much more. If you are thinking of doing auctions, this is one piece of software to take a hard look at.


Back to selling my guides and building my business.

Within the auction listing, I can place a link to my site, offer a free download of some chapters of the book, of course, Therefore I will need your email before you can download. Remember,


I need to keep you coming back.

Be careful here, E-Bay does not like you selling outside of their auction so make sure the visitor is not allowed to buy from your site at that link. Well, now we have given something away for free (a chapter of the book),


we have the visitors email address,

and we hopefully will get a bid

on the product/service. If not, 

 we have the email to follow up.

What has it cost us? Each item up for auction on E-Bay cost …. are you ready for this 30 cents to list it plus a small percentage of the selling cost.


If I list my Weekend Chef’s Guide to Sushi on E-Bay with a starting price of say $1 it will cost me a total of about 30 cents for the week.


30 cents to reach millions of potential

customers a day.

I will sell the book, I will have recovered my 30 cents and started building my customer email list as well.Now I could write a whole web site on using auctions, but this page is just how to use auctions to market your business.


You can sell items and make a profit or you can just list items and build a customer database to market to later.


Either way Auctions make a great

way to market your business.

have on my website a couple more tips on using auctions as well at or visit my eBay store for other eBooks that are available from time to time.


Using Auto responders to market your web site

Depending on the products, services or information you are selling auto responders may be able to automate a good portion of your web site business. An auto responder is a piece of software that checks email for certain words





or phrases and responds according to your wishes.

For example, you may have received a newsletter by sending an email to me with Subscribe as the subject. My auto responder sees that email come in and has a set of actions


defined that when the subject has subscribe in it that it will email back to you our newsletter.


Another thing that the auto responders can do is following up with

your customers at predetermined times with a predetermined letter.

This is good for driving traffic to your site after they have visited and left their email address such as to subscribe to a newsletter or download a free chapter of an e-book or other information you have made available.


my training business I send up to 4 different emails to each person that request my guide to increase their income. Each email introduces them to other benefits and services that are available.


Some of the emails will offer a discount or free training class as an incentive to sign up for a class.


All of it done without me having to get involved.

Auto responders can be installed on your computer or used via the Internet. Some are free and others you have to pay either by the Paypal or a email address or based on the number of responses you want to program it to respond to.


Here are some links to auto responders on the web as

well as a software package with a trial version you can

use yourself.

Promasoft: This is the one we use with our servers. I highly recommend. They have a trial version that is a full version. It places a header in the outgoing email,


so you will want to register once you have it up and running. I think it is a great program.


GetResponse: This is also a great program, although, this one is a subscription service. It can be a less expensive way to try out an E-E-mail auto responder. They do offer a free account as well.


his is part one of a multi-part series of Marketing you web site. In the next section we will cover marketing you web site using banner ads and classified ads .


Read more ,,marketing your web site part 2


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The Benefit Of using Email Marketing




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Technology with its advent has taken a toll even in the field of marketing at last. E-mail also known as electronic mail, is now turning out as an indispensable medium of marketing on internet.


Internet as whole has a wide marketing area because of the fact that it is spread whole and wide over the whole word. This makes it accessible to almost every country and eventually to the people in the country.


 For example   E-mails are very techno-savvy and more effective and fast. This is the reason that we can now see e-mails developing as an indispensable media of marketing.


Over the years people and corporate houses have started realizing the advantages of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing carries a lot of advantages along with it. Some of the benefits are:



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a) Speed:

This is the main factor as to why e-mail marketing is considered better and over the other Medias of marketing. E-mail marketing along with it brings the advantage of high speed.


E-mail marketing has a very high speed of information transfer.

It just takes a second for the person to transfer information from his working place to the internet worldwide, where everyone can view it worldwide.


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b) Reach:

Most important another factor as to why e-mail marketing is considered a better option is because of the fact that it has a better reach to the people worldwide than the other medias of marketing.


  First of all   E-mail marketing knows no boundaries and this helps the people to continue or conduct their marketing work in larger scale.


 Because  the higher reach of e-mail marketing, attracts more people towards it and thereby assists the whole marketing process.


c) Inexpensive:

E-mail marketing is comparatively much and more cheap than that of the other medias of marketing. The people do not have to incur any special or extra cost to market their product or point of view.



Being inexpensive it suits the people and they thereby resort to e-mail marketing than the other Medias.


d) Effective:

 To conclude   E-mail marketing is very effective than the other medias of marketing. The reason being, that they are very techno-savvy, very fast and still pretty cost effective.



This whole package makes e-mail marketing very cheap and pretty attractive. This is the reason that e-mail marketing is pretty effective and thus more approachable.


e) Personalized marketing:

  To sum up   E-mail marketing avails the people the opportunity to avail and conduct personalized marketing. In this the people can send mails only to people whom they think that they would be interested in it.


In this the mails will only be forwarded to people on whom the concern is interested.Thus we see that why and how e-mail marketing has turned out to be an indispensable tool in marketing.





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Things to look for before Signing up with an Affiliate Program



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Affiliate programs are a great opportunity of making money online.


Affiliate marketing is so lucrative that you will find thousands of programs to choose from. With so many options available, choosing the best affiliate program for your business can sometimes take a bit of time and effort. In fact you may make a few mistakes before settling into the ultimate profit-generating affiliate partnership.


To find your suitable affiliate partner there are a few things you need to look for: –

The first thing to check out is the affiliate program’s terms of service. For instance, if you intend to use Google Adwords but your potential affiliate partner does not allow Google Adwords for marketing,


signing up will not prove fruitful.

Thus, reading through the terms and conditions of prospective affiliates is a must. Steer clear of any affiliate programs which do not publicly post their terms of service.


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Also ensure that the potential affiliate partner has clear payment specifications.

These specifics will help you find out how much money you can earn and how often the payments will come in. You may receive a fixed amount for every sale generated or a certain percentage. For instance, if you are to receive 10% of the sale, and you generate a sale of $100, your earning will be of $10.


If the product is good there will be several such sales and the earnings will accrue.

Before agreeing to promote your affiliate programs product, it is very important to check out how their website looks. The way a website looks plays a very important role in how well you can earn money promoting their products or services.

For instance, you visit the website of a possible affiliate partner and find out that the website is crowded with several advertisements.


Custom and Designer Apparel as Unique as You Are


Affiliate Programs will generate income for you only if a sale is made. If a potential customer follows the lead from your website to the affiliate programs only to click on one of the advertisements there, you make no money in the process.


The above are starter tips to help you set up a profitable affiliate partnership.


Ensure that your affiliate program website caters to products and services that are similar to your line of business. Furthermore, do not have more than 2 affiliate programs at the same time.


Place the banners at strategic locations and make sure they gel in with your website and do not stand out as advertisements. Also, concentrate on good content, good color schemes and keep the background uncluttered.


All this well help your visitors locate the affiliate add easily,

and if they find it interesting, they all click on it. If this visit gets converted into a sale, you earn cash. Its simple, yet complicated. Caution is the key word. If you observe the above mentioned guidelines, you are sure to find success and make fast money.



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Why Sports Betting Affiliate Programs Work



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Online affiliate marketing is one of the many products of the Internet boom in the mid 1990’s.

Due to the nature of the system and the way in which money is generated and clients determined,


Therefore it could only work through a complex computerised system such as that made available by the World Wide Web.


Whilst the system may appear simplistic from a business point of view, the inner workings of the affiliate program require some unique calculations.


Beside that of a standard situation,

when a company wishes to advertise they can do so by hiring an advertising team,


In addition then paying for advertising space.

However the affiliate marketing program is very different. The affiliate sites are not paid up front for their trouble,



For example they are paid as customers join through their site.

First of all If we take the model of one of the most successful affiliate programs,

that of sports betting there are significant calculations that need to be made in order to accurately work out how and when to pay an affiliate.


Unlike in other affiliate programs,

the sports betting sites pose a unique problem. Affiliates have the option to be paid a percentage of the money that a player who joined through them generates for the sports betting site.


Therefore the sports betting site or the affiliate program needs to be able to track and accurately calculate a players betting,


in order to pay the affiliate the correct amount.

Firstly the affiliate is assigned a unique URL,Therefore that the sports betting site can accurately locate where exactly the new player has joined form.



The second problem is then keeping a record of the player once they are on the site, so that the affiliate is rewarded as and when thy generate money.


This is usually done by assigning the new player a unique number,

which can then be monitored by the sports betting site, allowing them to reward the affiliate as the money comes in.


The system is complicated in terms of the dynamics of the payment, especially when compared to the simplistic method of paying up front.


Most importantly in truth the sports betting affiliate program is a simplistic automated system, which works time after time.



First of all  the fact backed up by the thousands of sites that continue to stay with or join the affiliate-marketing program and by the huge profits that these sites are able to command.


The effectiveness of the affiliate program industry has also benefited the Internet industries including but not limited to sports betting.


It has also offered the opportunity to thousands of small site owners to create a small revenue for themselves,


as well as creating an industry in which new businesses can be founded purely to take advantage of the lucrative marketing program.






Your Information Should Be Sacred




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If you’re new to online marketing, you may be unaware of a one important fact–everyone is out to get your email address.Yep. It’s true. You’ve heard, “The Money Is In the List,” right? Well, how do you think people get lists?


But be careful.

Some people are greedy and get your email address again and again and keep sending those infernal emails about this, that, or the other thing, day after day, to every email account you own. It really gets obnoxious!


Also one who would love to have your email address, too, I now have to tell you how you undoubtedly became part of a list–Lead Capture.


 First of all If you’ve never heard the term, you may have heard “squeeze page,” and most of these pages work the same way.



For example a lead capture or squeeze page will have some text and graphics and one thing is always the same–the box for your name and email. Some are more elaborate and ask for your home address, your telephone number, and so on.


Any lead capture page should explain why you might want to relinquish your information and that the person/company collecting the information promises not to share it with anyone for any reason.




  Therefore  If you’re going to give your information up, these factors are requirements, not options!


When you’re surfing and see a page with just a “Please Sign Up Here” and the boxes, with no information regarding the site’s privacy policy or what you’re signing up for–BEWARE!


  Besides that  you can be put on oh so many lists! Mailing lists, calling lists, and who knows what other kinds of lists. And don’t forget, if you’re someone who hates telemarketing calls, that by giving the information,



you’ve rescinded your Do Not Call status in the U.S. from that particular marketer, and if the company sells or rents your phone number, well… you may have given up a lot more.


It’s OK to give your information if you a) know what you’re getting in return, b) know that the offer comes from a reliable source, and c) you know what will happen to your information once you provide it.


The watchword online is prudence.!




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Challenges to Email Subject Line





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Creativity, style, formatting and length of subject lines are all 

important points to take into consideration  before

you send an email.


Be Creative


Using a subject line that’s specific is most appropriate when corresponding with people who know you or with people who are expecting your message. How do you get the attention of someone who doesn’t know you or who isn’t expecting anything from you?


The answer is – be creative. Writing a subject line that’s creative is an excellent method for improving chances that your email message will be opened.




In this instance, the subject line isn’t used to describe the contents of the message. Instead, the subject line is used to convey some other type of information.


What kind of information? It will vary with each message you send, and it depends on the recipient. The key question is – what can you tell the recipient that will convince him/her to open this message and read it,


Instead of deleting it? In some cases, you’ll need to be quite creative.


There are numerous types of information you can provide in the subject line to help convince the receiver to open the email message. Here are a few examples.


(Uses for the subject line): Identify who you are
(Sample wording): Lawyer

(Uses for the subject line): Tell how you met this person
(Sample wording): Chamber Networking B’fast

(Uses for the subject line): Tell why you are contacting this person
(Sample wording): Animal shelter fundraiser

(Uses for the subject line): Find things that set you apart
(Sample wording): E-commerce lawyer

(Uses for the subject line): Find common bond with recipient
(Sample wording): Fellow IU grad & lawyer




Subject Lines: Formatting and Style


There is another challenge you must overcome when crafting an effective subject line. This involves the length of the subject line.


The new message box you view on your screen for the subject line will allow you to type as many words as you want. But, the receiver’s screen has limited space. Only a small portion of the wording will be viewed by the recipient.


How much appears on the recipient’s screen for the subject line? It varies, depending on the person’s system and how he/she has the screen setup. A safe guess is that approximately 25 to 35 characters will appear.




 Pay careful attention here. This approximation doesn’t mean 25 to 35 words. It means “characters.”


A character is defined as a letter, space, or punctuation. For example, any time your cursor moves one space, that’s considered one character.



Since the space is so limited in the subject line, you don’t need to type a complete sentence. Use a phrase or series of words instead of a full sentence.


This is one time when an incomplete sentence is appropriate. Leave out the little words, and get to the point.






The only “rule” regarding capitalization in the subject line is to be consistent. For example, you may choose to capitalize only the first word. Or, you may decide to capitalize every word.


Remember not to use all uppercase (CAPITAL) letters. This is considered shouting. Shouting at a person would certainly not be the best way to convince him/her to open your message.


Always remember that the creativity, style, formatting and length of your subject lines are important factors to consider before you send an email. Be conscientious of the image you project to your customers and colleagues by using effective subject lines.



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Email Marketing and Blogging




The Difference Between Email Marketing and Blog


Blog and email marketing are two totally different things. They are two complete different ways to market something, whether it is a product, or a service. You are going to find that just because someone may use email marketing to make an income,


Does not mean that they always use blog marketing as well.

Blog marketing is when you use a blog to promote a service or a product. You can market the product or service so that it appeals to others, and is something that they might want or need.


By using a blog you can get the word out about the product that you are using and let others know all about it. There are several ways to do this. It can be done as simple or as complicated as you want. For example,


you can market your blog by exchanging links with other blogs that are relevant to yours. You can also leave comments on other blogs that will in return get you more visitors and readers to your own blog. Don’t forget to update your blog as often as possible as well.




As that will make a huge impact on your blog.

Email marketing is when someone uses an email to get the word out about a product or s service. You simply would have your visitors to sign up for newsletters, and then send an email out to all of them that did so.


However, you will also find that email marketing is great for many other things than just getting the word out. You can put affiliate links in your newsletters and hope that your readers will sign up under you and you will get a commission for those things.


Marketing in every way is pretty much the same. You have to know who your audience is and who wants what you are selling. Once you know this, the rest of it is cake.


Whether you are email marketing, affiliate marketing, or email marketing.

Even if you are into marketing offline, the same will apply. You will need to know who wants what you have to sell and you should have no problems selling it.


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Blog and email marketing are alike in many ways, but yet also very different. When you are using a blog for marketing, you are going to see that you have to post what you are selling on the blog.


But for email marketing, you can use an email to those interested parties.

When you use a website to have people opt in to your newsletter for email marketing, you know that you are not sending spam, but something that they requested from your site.


This is something that they asked to be sent when they sign up for a newsletter. Where as if you are marketing a blog, you would do this much the same way as you would a website,


Therefore get visitors to come to you.

Whichever you prefer, whether it is blog marketing or email marketing you can still get the results that you want and that you are looking for. Just know that it takes time and persistence to achieve what you want, and get it from marketing online.


Patience is key to getting your blog out there to everyone that is interested in it.


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Make Money Marketing to Marketers



 Many on line marketers sell all kinds of goodies to make it easier for other marketers to make a buck.


Marketing to other marketers to make it easier to make money is great but many of the buyers never use the products and just try to pawn them off on other marketers.


So you wind up with all these people selling scripts, programs, e-Books, and more to other on line marketers and they profess how great they are without ever using them.


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They are just trying to make a buck

as an affiliate of someone

else’s idea.


     First of all   I am all for new marketing ideas especially the ones that automate tedious tasks. I love submitting articles and use an auto submitter. RSS feeds provide news to my sites.


Automatically creating links to Clickbank items based on keywords in my blogs is a godsend.

But, to me, if people don’t use these products and just pimp them to others, they are missing out on the long term benefits for a quick buck.


I admit that I have done this in the past and may do it again in the future – but – I only sell products that I actually use and approve. That way I can actually vouch for them since I have used them and can speak from personal experience.





Personally, I prefer to market to the average Internet Joe. I market to people who are looking for a deal on a credit card (and I use a super script to keep my site current).


  Therefore  i recommend hotels in Thailand and can speak from first-hand experience.

Also i post links to hotels in Thailand forums and also have 6 Thai affiliate hotel sites.

 For instance I also write articles about Thailand and list my hotel affiliate links in the author’s resource box. These are pretty easy to write since I have been traveling to Thailand for over 30 years.


  However I also write the occasional marketing or credit article to get some traffic to those sites. I have about 10 article sites and advertise on those sites that others submit their articles to.



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I would rather make a few bucks marketing a product to people who are actually going to use it instead of marketing to someone who is only going to try to sell it to someone else.


All of this is just my personal opinion. There is nothing morally wrong or illegal of marketing to marketers. I use many of the items that are up for sale, especially those that make my life a little bit easier.


The one thing that I do object to is the folks that market to others and make false or misleading statements indicating that they use the product and how wonderful it is when they have never used it and just want to make a buck.


Anyhow, keep coming up with all those great products that marketers can use to make our lives easier. Just market them honestly.


Local networking events


eye glass a cup books on table

Local network



Build your business network by talking to EVERYONE you meet and then keep a catalog of names, contacts and resources. When you find yourself in a bind and need to dip into your resource pool, you will be prepared. Keep in touch with these people,

and talk to them to find out what new information, job or contacts THEY have acquired.

Have you ever been invited to a networking breakfast? Or a networking lunch? These may should sort of strange to the person who has never been to one before,


But these types of situations are key to moving yourself to talk with others about what you do,How you do it, and what you provide in the form of services and products.

Many areas have their own type

of networking events

These include business meetings to talk about the economy, or business meetings to set new ordinances for the local surroundings – everywhere you have people; you have the opportunity to ‘do’ additional networking.


The more people you know and talk with the stronger your network of business contacts and customer contact is going to become.




a man writing in abook

Local network



The first step to successful local networking

is going to involve doing it

You need to get out there, and be where other business owners are, or at least where large groups of people are going to be found. Next, you need a good opening question. The best question you can ask a person when you are networking is,


What do you do? This is not only going to open the door to talking with another person, but also it is going to open the door for that person in turn to ask you what you do – which is just what you want them to ask you!


Networking should be done in conversation when you are in situations where you don’t know someone all that well. Business cards are often given out, and passed around. If you are heading off to a club meeting, or a networking business affair,




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you should also have marketing materials with you,

Such as a brochure or some type of printed matter to show and tell others what you do. As others find your materials handed to them, or presented on a table of information, they have something tangible to take with them, read later, and to think about later.


Collect phone number, emails and

information about other businesses

As you collect information about others, you will soon learn that you can use this information after you are back at the office, back at your own business. Create a marketing package for each individual that you have met. Mail out the information with a personal note from you,


that it was great talking with you,

And you just wanted to share some additional information about your business with them, in case they ever have a need for a product or service that you provide. This is very straight marketing, after the initial networking event, make it work for you!



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Autoresponder Leads



men and women standing

Autoresponder Leads

Autoresponder Leads – Create A Customer Base Quickly


Internet marketing is a competitive industry and if you expect to succeed, you will need leads to help establish a customer base. Without new customers, you will not make money and you will not stay in business long.

 Also   You can get thousands of autoresponder leads that will help you contact interested individuals and increase your customer base dramatically.

Attracting visitors to your web site is the best way to make sales and earn a steady profit. It is not enough to get your web site indexed and listed by the major search engines.

You must aggressively seek new customers and keep in contact with your established customers.

It is now possible to get literally thousands of fresh leads instantly. You may have mixed feelings about autoresponder leads due to the issues surrounding spam and unsolicited contact.

  Therefore   You will be relieved to learn that you can get leads that will put you in touch with only those who have specifically requested information about internet marketing business opportunities.



two woman typing on computer

Autoresponder Leads



You will be able to see the IP address and the time that the request was made and contact these people immediately. You will increase your web site traffic and a certain percentage of your new contacts will subscribe to your mailing list and/or purchase your products.


 First of all   You can easily gain access to new leads and add them to your mailing list. You mailing list is one of the most important aspects of your business. Of course you must provide quality products and superior customer service,

but you must also keep in touch with your customers and actively seek new customers. Autoresponder leads are a great way to give thousands of prospective customers information about your business.



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7 Stages of Internet Marketers




If you want to jump-start your life and

your business, you have to know

what type of Internet

Marketer   you   are.


True financial success only comes to those that master this concept. So ask yourself, “Do you know what kind of Internet marketer you are”? .Have your marketing experiences on the Net been positive, negative or mixed?


As you read through the seven

stages of marketers

provided below,

I want you to know that at various times in my life. I have been at almost every single one of them. It was only as my knowledge and experience increased that I was able to upgrade to the level I am at today.


  First of all  at some point while

reading the descriptions

of each stages,

you will probably recognize where you are or where other people are you know. I recommend while reading you write down where you currently are as you discover your level. to help improve your awareness of your current strategy. This will also help you realize where you need to go.


Here are the seven stages of

Internet marketers.

Stage 1 – The Mooches

 “Mooches” are people at the very bottom level of marketing. They’re clueless and sit around wasting their time. Most are completely ignorant of the money making opportunities available on the Web.

These people spend their time whining about their financial status without taking the time to evaluate what they need to do to get ahead.


 Mooches don’t have a clue about

Internet marketing.

If you ask them what the Internet is for, they’ll say, “to chat” or “to e-mail friends” or even better, “to watch porn”. You know, something useless.


Stage 2 – The Wanna-Be

Because   The “Wanna-Be” has ambition, but not enough. They wander around in the dark looking under stones for a magic treasure box. They want to make money, but don’t have a clue how.

Some get sucked into ridiculous scams and waste their money on garbage ideas that won’t get them anywhere. They need to get smart quick about where they need to go to turn their life around.


Most Wanna-Be marketers have

heard of the Internet

 know people who make money on the Net, so they are easily excited about opportunities. Unfortunately they spend most of their money on M.L.M and other money making scams rather than chasing real opportunities.




Stage 3 – The Pretend To Be

  For example   the “Pretend To Be” is living a lie. They pretend to work hard, to do what it takes to get where they need to be. But they don’t actually DO anything. Most are perfectionists, worried about getting it right the first time.


Most importantly   they don’t realize just how much

they can learn even  by making a few    mistakes.

 Pretenders are waiting for the perfect time to start a new business. They don’t realize the perfect time is NOW. They talk talk talk about starting an Internet business but lack the guts necessary to DO IT.


Many have successful off-line

businesses and spend lots

of their hard earned money

attending seminars and

buying e-books about

Internet marketing.

A good example of a Pretender is a successful overworked doctor who spends $20,000 on info-products but doesn’t develop a website. The Pretender doesn’t understand a key principle of this industry…


You don’t have to get it right the first

time; you just  have to

get started.


Stage 4 – The Newbie


Also  the “Newbie” is on their way to the fast track, they just lack experience. They have the desire to learn and grow, and may have the skill and talent necessary.

  Moreover  they jump into opportunities with all the freshness one would expect of an eager beaver in the industry. They have done some homework, but lack the technical know how to get where they need to be.


There is hope for the Newbie.

Moreover   they feel excited and probably have read a few books about Internet marketing. Unlike Pretenders, they are willing to invest a lot of time in themselves.

Some will buy resale rights, reprint rights, licenses of many products… but lack the know how about how to market them.





Stage 5 – The Marketer


 “Marketer” is well on their way to victory. They are making some money. They are strong marketers. They still lack the ambition necessary however to get off their butt and do what they need to do to truly realize victory.

Most Marketers have a website or a moneymaker but don’t have a business. They posses a strong understanding of marketing, copywriting and traffic generation and have a clear sense of what their audience is looking for.


First of all   They are often leaders

within their niche and  make

good  money.


 Therefore They enjoy a comfortable living. The problem is they are sitting on their “ass-ets” and thinking what they have accomplished so far is all they can do. They fail to realize there is more opportunity available if they are willing to put in a little extra effort.

Stage 6 – The Master


 “Master” is a smart marketing agent. They are making good money, and can teach others how to do the same. Most are visionaries, charismatic leaders who have a good handle on everything they need to succeed.

because   they’ll fail only if they stop thinking about what more they can do. There is always more success just around the corner, if only one takes the time to look.

Master marketers are millionaires,

or at least making 6  figures a year.


For example  they are leaders in their industry. They are well versed in direct response marketing and can teach others. They have a vast amount of knowledge both on-line and off-line and experience working in different businesses.

Most have experience working with adversity. They are high performance people who make great mentors. Most understand traffic conversion and traffic generation.


But the Master marketer can get into

any niche and  make money,

even if they don’t have any affinity or experience working with a niche. However  some  recognize the Internet is nothing more than a medium they can use to make money. They integrate on-line and off-line marketing.

They posses a solid understanding of copywriting, testing and tacking.They build a team of experts around them and delegate responsibility to talented people.




Stage 7 – The Entrepreneur


This is where everyone should aspire to be. The Entrepreneur has already achieved true victory. They are the models that others try to mimic and follow. If you ask me, your goals should be no less than achieving “The Entrepreneur ” statue.


Now there are the multimillionaires,

the master sales people and the

master marketers.

 have a strong team of talented people with different expertise surrounding them. These are the people taking their companies public. They are raising capital and selling to the public… to shareholders… but not to customers.

To sum it up have an exit strategy in place before starting something new. They recognize the purpose of a business is to sell it or put it on autopilot so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. This is where you want to be.


Example:,,… etc.


So now I ask you… Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? The people you know, which level are they at? Are they realizing their dreams? Why or why not?

have a firm understanding of where you are NOW and where you WANT to be soon if you want to succeed.


Don’t just charge ahead blindly,

but don’t sit on you’re

ass either.

If you want to succeed, take charge of your life and your financial future. Find out where you are, and what steps you need to take to be where you want to be.

Copyright 2006 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.








 3 Basic For Internet Business


words and mouse on a white background

Internet business,


To have a successful Internet business, you need only three things:


1. Product
2. Copywriting
3. Traffic


 Because  It really is that simple. If you have those three things… competently performed, you will have a succesful, profitable Internet business.

Let’s talk about competency in each of those three areas and how you can quickly master each one.




 First of all  You need a product that people want. Don’t fall in love with a product just because you think it’s cool.

I’ll go into details in a future article, but I look at two things to determine if a product is wanted enough for me to sell it:


1. Are there people searching for that product

(I use the Overture tool)

2. Are fellow marketers willing to pay a significant amount of money for traffic for that search term because people are buying (I also use the Overture tool).


I multiply those two numbers. If the result is higher than the result for the product “air guns”, I’m willing to get into that market.


Why “air guns”?

It was simply my first profitable product. Can products that score lower than “air guns” be profitable? I’m sure they can,

but there are enough markets that score higher than “air guns”, I’m not willing to chance it.

BTW, don’t get too hung up on the product. It is the least important of the three items. Copywriting and traffic are infinitely more important to your business.

Don’t spend two years developing a product. There are already thousands of products available on the Internet that you can market and earn a percentage as an affiliate.

Choosing your product should take no longer than a half an hour, not two years.

 Also  You can run the numbers for 6-10 product ideas in less than half an hour and make your decision. Then start concentrating on what really matters…


which is…Copywriting


Now you need to describe your product. You will do this in many ways. You will create a sales page on a web-site that will describe the product and try to sell it.

  However You will need  write small text ads to run on PPC search engines. You will write similar one and two line descriptions to enter into affiliate networks.

You will write articles and resource boxes for those articles. You may even write a signature line for use on forums.

The point is that copywriting is what conveys the message about your product. It is simply some words. You can sometimes uses pictures and videos,

but it is generally the words that actually do the selling. Don’t forget that you are in the business of words.

How do you decide what words to use? You have three choices if you are a beginner:


1. Hire a high priced copywriter.


Generally you will want to pay $5,000-$10,000 per sales page for a decent copywriter. Drop me a note if you want referrals. I know two of the best.


2. Use copywriting software that scores words. 


Which you can read more about later . It scores your prospective ad copy against a massive database of profitable ads.

  Also You can simply make up some copy and click the score button. Then change it and click the score button again.

Pick the highest scoring text after you have worked with it for awhile.

 In addition  You’ll have copy that the pros will envy and more importantly… copy that will convert that traffic into customers.


3. Fail for a long time while you are learning.


Don’t laugh. Most Internet marketers choose this path. If you are persisent enough, you will learn what works and what doesn’t. Traffic



woman and a baby computer sitting on settee

Internet business,



Once you have copy that sells, you need to get people to see it. We call that “traffic” on the Internet.


There are dozens of ways to get traffic on the Internet. Let me focus on two ways that I recommend to beginners because both are free

(well; there is a small one-time cost to get started, but you don’t pay for each visitor like some other sources).

1. Search Engine Optimization – get free traffic from the search engines by being ranked high for the search terms associated with your product.


2. Article Submission – get recognition and links to your site by writing and submitting articles.


Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization first.

First of all, DO NOT waste weeks and months of your life listening to the lemmings on the SEO forums. In my experience, they are just the blind leading the blind.

There are three factors to search engine optimization you should focus on:


a) Your domain and URLs
b) On page optimization
c) Links to your site


Secondly  I recommend you choose your domain and URL structure using Nemeas. You can read about it at

It is very simple to use and is also based on a massive statistical analysis of the leading search engine. You simply score prospective domains and URLs and select the highest scoring one.

I don’t recommend any on page optimization unless you are creating free content sites to feed traffic to your sales page. Instead,

optimize your sales page for selling with Glyp hius and don’t worry about the on page search engine factors.


In addition getting inbound links to your site,

for instance   i recommend article submission. I recommend that you use Artemis Pro. You can read more about it at

 Besides that it gives you a boost above any other currently available article submission tool because it submits a unique article to each publisher.

That boost can amount to an 1875% increase in effectiveness given the same amount of time invested.

At the end of each article, you should have a resource box with a link back to the site with your sales page. That resource box should be optimized 


That’s it. Running a successful,

Profitable Internet business is really just that simple. It’s just choosing the right product, choosing the right words for your copywriting and choosing the best way to get traffic to your sales page.

Please visit my blog often at for further lessons on the simplicity of Internet marketing. I’ll post regular lessons there.

Every entry on my blog is categorized into three topic areas: Product, Copywriting and Traffic.

Just choose one of the topics to find out more information about that area of running a successful Internet business.,,,Here’s to your success!







Why Educated Consumers are Better Customers



Educated Consumers

Not too long ago, a colleague asked me why we invest so heavily in consumer education.

We have made a conscious decision to spend marketing dollars on consumer education for a very simple reason. Educated consumers are simply better customers.


Lets take a closer look at why educated consumers are better customers.

Less Technical Support.

1.) Educated consumers require less technical support. The reduced technical support results in lower overhead costs.

Often educated consumers can further reduce the support burden by assisting or educating other customers or potential customers in forums, newsgroups, user groups or elsewhere in an industry community.


Often users with a strong technical background or understanding will often assist in the forums and provide users technical support. The result: an educated consumer is a happy and helpful customer.


Easier Sales.

2.) Generally speaking educated consumers have a better understanding of the technology, how it can be used and how it will benefit them.

A customers understanding that an application will result in saved time, can easily justify the software’s expense. Cost becomes less of an issue when long-term value is understood.


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Reasonable Expectations.

3.) I hate to say it, but back in 1996 when we started out, consumer ignorance resulted in unrealistic expectations.

Consumers purchased expecting that software would do their dishes and vacuum. Regardless of how well the software did what it was designed to do, if a customer expects it to do something else, they will not be a satisfied customer.


Educated consumers have realistic expectations and understanding of what can and cannot be accomplished.



Kinds of Consumer Education

1. Articles.

Educational articles not only propagate the success and understanding of a technology, but well written articles will often establish the writer as an industry expert.


2. White Papers.

Real world examples of how other users are using software to resolve problems or save time are often great illustrations of technology in action.


3. PPT Demonstrations.

Power point presentations not only assist with user education, but also can be used by User Groups to further evangelize and educate potential users.


All in all, educated consumers result in a happier user with realistic expectations. Ignorance often results in dissatisfaction and unrealistic expectations while education leads to long term happy and helpful customers.



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