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 First of all   To be successful on the Internet with a business, you have to incorporate both online and off line promotion. Here is a small but easy way to do this!


  However If you operate or own a website, then you know that you have to promote both on and off the web. You have to incorporate these two factors in order to be fully successful with an E-commerce business.


I have talked with a few large Internet retailers that gave me an insight into their marketing on the web.


We all know that Ebay is the number one auction market place on the Internet today.


Millions of dollars are spent each week on this web portal and it continues to grow each day! I am not going to tell you to open up a store and start selling your whole product line






Ebay buyers because that would be

costly with little to no profit.


What I am going to tell you is to put a few top sellers in an auction, either fixed or auction type. This is to gain a large amount of viewers since the product is “hot” and they will want to purchase it.


The key to this ploy is to put links on your auction site that direct viewers to your site that carries your whole product line. When this happens correctly your traffic will Explode and with all targeted viewers.


You might not be making much money with the E-bay items that sell, but if you do it correctly the profit you make from these targeted viewers will far outweight the small profit margins.


Give it a try because their is nothing

to lose and you will be

happy with the results.




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Best online web directories advatages

and disadvantages.


Being listed in the directory is free.


But when you try to list your site in DMOZ you are in trouble. After you add your site an editor will approved it … or not. And this can take months, even years.


So what is the solution ?


A good alternative until your site is listed to DMOZ is to submit your site to online free web directories. Submitting site to online free web directories will fast increase your PageRank.


PageRank is an integral part of Google’s

ranking algorithm,

 Therefore  it get higher PageRank

helps towards higher rankings.


The PageRank within a website is increased by pages from other sites linking to it, and the higher the PageRank of the pages that link to it, the better it is for the receiving site.


When submitting a site to online free web directories, always take time to find the right category for it. Don’t be tempted to submit it to a category that is higher up the tree than it belongs,


because it won’t be accepted there and, doing so,


could cause unnecessary, self-induced delays.



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Things to look for before Signing up with an Affiliate Program



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Affiliate programs are a great opportunity of making money online.


Affiliate marketing is so lucrative that you will find thousands of programs to choose from. With so many options available, choosing the best affiliate program for your business can sometimes take a bit of time and effort. In fact you may make a few mistakes before settling into the ultimate profit-generating affiliate partnership.


To find your suitable affiliate partner there are a few things you need to look for: –

The first thing to check out is the affiliate program’s terms of service. For instance, if you intend to use Google Adwords but your potential affiliate partner does not allow Google Adwords for marketing,


signing up will not prove fruitful.

Thus, reading through the terms and conditions of prospective affiliates is a must. Steer clear of any affiliate programs which do not publicly post their terms of service.


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Also ensure that the potential affiliate partner has clear payment specifications.

These specifics will help you find out how much money you can earn and how often the payments will come in. You may receive a fixed amount for every sale generated or a certain percentage. For instance, if you are to receive 10% of the sale, and you generate a sale of $100, your earning will be of $10.


If the product is good there will be several such sales and the earnings will accrue.

Before agreeing to promote your affiliate programs product, it is very important to check out how their website looks. The way a website looks plays a very important role in how well you can earn money promoting their products or services.

For instance, you visit the website of a possible affiliate partner and find out that the website is crowded with several advertisements.


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Affiliate Programs will generate income for you only if a sale is made. If a potential customer follows the lead from your website to the affiliate programs only to click on one of the advertisements there, you make no money in the process.


The above are starter tips to help you set up a profitable affiliate partnership.


Ensure that your affiliate program website caters to products and services that are similar to your line of business. Furthermore, do not have more than 2 affiliate programs at the same time.


Place the banners at strategic locations and make sure they gel in with your website and do not stand out as advertisements. Also, concentrate on good content, good color schemes and keep the background uncluttered.


All this well help your visitors locate the affiliate add easily,

and if they find it interesting, they all click on it. If this visit gets converted into a sale, you earn cash. Its simple, yet complicated. Caution is the key word. If you observe the above mentioned guidelines, you are sure to find success and make fast money.



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Zune MP3 Players – Are They Worth It?





This article is a comparison between the iPod and Zune MP3 Players, to

show you what product is better in terms of features and quality.


Everyone knows that the iPod steals the show when it comes to MP3 Players, but are they the best option out there? I’m going to show you why Zune MP3 Players are a much better investment than the iPod.


Lets start with some of the features that the Zune MP3 Players have while the iPods do not: Wi-Fi, Pre-loaded Video, Pre-loaded Audio,

FM Tuner, Landscape Mode, Wireless Sync, Custom Background, Wireless File Sharing, Tactile + Touch Control,


and an X-BOX Marketplace Integration.

That is quite a few features that iPod does without when you look at the list. Something else that is quite unappetizing for those with an iPod or have considered buying one is that the MP3 Player already comes with a pre-loaded virus.


Already, Zune MP3 Players are proving to be a better deal. One feature that the iPod does have that Zune MP3 Players do not is a click wheel, which can prove to be quite useful when searching through your thousand plus song play list,





But is that really enough to balance the differences?

If you try to get all of the music you want to listen to through iTunes you will go broke, because you have to pay for each and every song. On the other hand,

Zune MP3 Players have a Zune Marketplace in which you pay only $14.99 a month to receive unlimited downloads to all the music you want.


Lets take a little time to review the comparison.

The Zune completely blows the iPod out of the water in virtually every feature, one of the only features that both of them actually have is Portrait Mode, how exciting. If you wanted to go even deeper,

the screen size for the Zune MP3 Player 80GB is significantly larger than the iPod, and the Zune 4/8GB is only slightly smaller; but much longer than the iPod version.


Now, I understand that it may still be hard for you to make a decision on what MP3 Player you would like to purchase, but lets be honest. Just look at the facts,

obviously Microsoft put in the time and effort to create a product that would not only be equivalent to the iPod, but destroy it’s opponent with flying colors.


The number of features and small details

are in the Zune MP3 Player

favor are abundant, more than

enough to make a solid decision.

What about Social Networking? Yet another feature that the Zune MP3 Players have, and the iPod does not. Now, if your one of those people who just want to be like everyone else, go ahead and pick up an iPod.


But for those of you who want the best product, you will be purchasing a Zune MP3 Player.





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