Don’t Sell An e-Book on e-Bay

Unless There Is Something In It For You.



A lot of e-Bay sellers sell other peoples e-Books on e-Bay, while that is fine they are sometimes selling the wrong e-Books. Once the sale is made that’s it. No further money can be made from that sale.


What if there was a chance of making money over and over again

from the sale of one e-Book that was written by someone else?

How cool would that be? Well it can be done, what you need to be selling is brandable e-Books. This means some of the e-Book contents can be branded with your own details,

this is usually in the form of a link to your website (this can be your e-Bay store if you don’t have a website) or an affiliate link leading to a sales page for the authors products.

I am not joking when I say this but I sometimes receive commissions and I can’t remember how or why the commission was received. What I do know is it was either from one of my own e-Books or an e-Book I have branded with my own details.

Just imagine if you had 2 e-Books on the same subject and both promoted the same product, would you rather sell the e-Book with your affiliate details embedded or the one without?

That’s a no brainer isn’t it? So what I would suggest is you go and search Google for ‘brandable e-books’ and see how many e-Books you can add to your e-Bay business. You will find there are 100s that can be downloaded and branded free.






TIP! Make sure the e-Books you brand can only be branded once.

Most will have a short statement or a document included with the e-Book explaining what to do.

Once the e-Book has been branded by you check to see if the e-Book can be branded further.

If it can still be branded stay away, all that will happen is your customer will brand the e-Book and sell it on with their details embedded instead of yours.


It also helps to check out the product you will be promoting,


if it’s a click-bank product make sure you will get at least 50% commission, also, visit the sales page and check the sales copy does a good job. You don’t want to be promoting a product that won’t sell.

Then visit the order page and make sure your click-bank name appears at the bottom of the page,


if not there is a problem with the link and you won’t get the credit.

Also, don’t expect overnight results. It could take a few Months to see any real results but once the payments start to come in you won’t be able to stop them. Just make sure you sell your e-Book at least 50 times on e-Bay and you should be fine.


So there you go, so simple yet so effective, so get branding, get

selling and get earning.

Copyright 2006 John Thornhill