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7 Tips For On-line Promotion


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In this communication era, to promote for any kinds of products efficiently, a business person must think about looking for help from the Internet. These are some tips to have a successful online promotion.


First, you have to build up a good website to introduce about your company, advertise for your products, bring up promotional programs and contact with your clients worldwide.



With just one click,

potential customers can be on your site and make any deals they wish. Therefore, you have to update your web pages frequently for both content and design that will attract viewers’ attention.


Tips for building a good website:

– Content: List out focused keywords and tailor your web pages with them.
– Design: Make some banners that CATCH viewers’ eyes. Animated banners tend to attract people better than static ones.




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Secondly, you should think of direct marketing via emails. Every week, every month or every special occasion, send newsletters to your customers to inform your promotional program or just give them some gifts.


This activity must be repeated to remind customers about your company products and encourage them to come back to your website.


Thirdly, you can use referral links to advertise on other sites. Posting an article or a press release, you should give out links to your company web pages directly or indirectly,


which can improve your website traffic. I do not want to mention about the content of your articles or press releases, but the titles of them. Currently,



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Promote website

There are millions of articles and press releases on PR websites. Thus, to catch readers’ eyes, your titles must be attractive, unique and interesting, for example, Advertising – Friend, not Foe”, “Rock DJ”, “Writing Killer Sales Letter”,


“Pro and Profitable website”, etc.

Finally yet importantly, that is advertising on online magazines. You might think that it is a costly way, or might you not? However, there are some ways, that do not influence money in your pocket much,


and sometimes they promote your selling very well.

If you are a software producer, you should contact with some editors of international IT magazines who find companies and request free softwares to include in their CD/ DVD cover mount.


During the discussion, you can persuade editors to get one of your softwares and make the branding for the software you wish.




yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us


For example,

you offer free full version of Voice Changer Software and then advertise for Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 Moreover, you can improve your selling by providing some coupons for readers to buy latest version of your software.


For instance, readers of XYZ magazine can use the coupon of $30 to buy Music Morpher Gold 3.0 at the price of $69.95 instead of $99.95. With these ways, you can encourage your website traffic as well as opportunities to get more orders from readers worldwide.


Well-prepared promotional projects can help you to advertise your products, popularize your brand name, and draw more potential customers.



Remember that do make use of the Internet to perfect

your on-line promotional plans.


Jenny Le who is interested in Marketing and Advertising categories is now working for Audio4fun Media. Contact her at



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