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Website Promotion


Therefore  there are loads of ways to promote your site for free. In this article you can find some useful tips to drive traffic to your site… at no cost at all!


You’ve put loads of effort in designing a site. You’ve added eye catchers and promotions to grab your visitor’s attention. And now you’re waiting… waiting for those visitors to come.


There are many ways to attract visitors to your site. You could of course spend a lot of money buying advertisements and promotion tools… Why not try it the FREE way first? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!


First thing first: when promoting your

site, always keep these

tips in mind:



TIP 1: Persist

Keep your site promotion constant – if you promote your site with persistence, it will catch your audience’s attention.



TIP 2: Be patient!

Furthermore you know, Rome wasn’t build in one day, neither is a continuous traffic stream… Try each method to decide what (combination) works best for your site.





TIP 3:

Never put all your efforts into only one kind of advertising – you don’t want to reach the same potential visitors over and over again.


There are numerous ways to get your web site seen around the net without spending a dime. Listing them all would probably take hours. I’ve narrowed it down to the ones I think are the most important:


* Get your site listed in search engines en directories. Make sure to check your web site’s ranking to know whether or not this type of free promotion is right for you.


* Trade links with other web sites. Make your link description as attractive as possible. You’ll want people to click it! It’s a good idea to design an button and/or banner for your site to offer to your potential link partners.


* Use free classified ads: post them

all around the web. They’ll

attract non-targeted

visitors to your site.


* Design an attention-grabbing banner and spread it all around the web. There are loads of free banner-exchange services on the net.


Besides that, listing them all would take hours, that’s why I’m not going to. The above ones will be a good start. Just give them a try, and you’ll be amazed. (Use an ad tracker to find out which free traffic generating system works best for you.)


And remember… the best thing in life are free!!



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